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7 Tricks to Avoid Jet Lag

We love getting our travel on, especially our fit travel on. But the one part we could do without? Jet lag. Jet lag is a serious downer to any trip. Which is why we’ve put together the following tips on how to avoid jet lag for Fit Bottomed Vacay Week. You may not be able to fully prevent jet lag, but these tips can definitely help. Plus, they’re just plain good healthy living advice!


1. Move your bedtime before you go. Many seasoned travelers recommend moving your bedtime up or down by an hour or two closer to the local time of your destination before your trip if you can. That way your body can gradually adjust — or isn’t quite so jarred with the time difference!

2. Be prepared. You know how you feel when you’re stressed? Well, although sometimes traveling can be a bit hard on the nerves (My flight is delayed?! AHHH!), the one thing you can control is being prepared for your flight better than a Girl Scout. Pack a pillow, noise-cancelling headphones, healthy snacks and don’t tempt fate by seeing how close you can cut it to takeoff. Get to the airport with plenty of time to check-in, pack everything you need the night before, and do what you can before your trip to reduce stress (read: have your passport ready, wrap up work projects, etc.). The more blissful you can be before you fly, the better your body will handle the stress of jet lag.

3. Stay hydrated. You’ve probably heard this tip on how to avoid jet lag a lot but that’s because staying hydrated is essential. Flying sucks the water right out of you, so guzzle down that H2O early and often.

4. Act like a local. During your flight, go ahead and change your watch over to the time at your destination. Then, begin to act as if it’s that time. So if it’s night time there when you hop on your flight, sleep, woman, sleep!

5. Eat — and drink — right. It’s tempting to guzzle down cups of coffee or grab a sugary treat when your energy is low, but Bob Jacobs, vice president of brand management for Westin, recommends drinking fresh juice and choosing healthy snacks and meals to help your body have the nutrients it needs to stay energized, naturally.

6. Work out. Studies show that exercising on the road can help with setting a new sleep-wake schedule. So get out there and get moving!

7. See the sun. There’s nothing quite like a little sunshine to help set those circadian rhythms, so once you’re at your destination, be sure to step outside and smile at the sun.

You seasoned travelers, tell us: how do you avoid jet lag? —Jenn

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  1. Cassie says:

    I have a hard time working out before a flight because of rush hour! Maybe I could sneak in some calf raises?

  2. Chewy says:

    This could fit under #4. That first day when you land wherever you are going, do NOT take a nap! Stay up until at least 9PM local time but not too late if you are going the other way, and sleep as much as you can that first night. If you wake up at 5AM, try some body awareness meditation and try to fall asleep again.

  3. Lisa says:

    I always try to adapt to the time the first day I arrive no matter what my home time would be. If it’s day I go out and if it’s night I try to get some sleep.

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