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9 Fitness Trackers for All Your Fitness Needs

5. Tinké


This tiny tracker is more than a little different from the others I tried. It measures heart rate, but it also can calculate respiratory rate, heart rate variability and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). These values can determine both your overall health and your stress levels, and Tinké uses them to calculate two unique scores: Zen (relaxation) and Vita (fitness).

Tinké ($119) does let you track weight, but since I only get on the scale when I need to make sure I’ll be in the correct weight class for a competition, I was much more interested in tracking my Zen and Vita. And as I had severe childhood asthma, I am all too familiar with getting my blood oxygen saturation — and curious as to how my adult levels measured up.

My asthma is almost completely under control now, but more intense activity (like using a fan bike or doing kettlebell snatches) can really get me breathing heavily. And sometimes when I start to gasp for air, I also start to panic, since I associate this with having an asthma attack. It’s both unpleasant and counterproductive, as I need to be able to work through this feeling when I’m competing. By tracking my breathing rate and my SpO2, I can see how many breaths I’m taking a minute, as well as the amount of oxygen in my red blood cells at any given time. Over time, this shows how my fitness is improving (as I need to take fewer breaths with the same activity level); I also found it helpful to reassure myself that I didn’t actually need to stop and catch my breath, but could keep going even when I felt like a fish on land.

Although I mainly used Tinké to track my Vita Index, I was fascinated by the Zen analysis. This feature has you complete a one-minute controlled breathing exercise, then indicates your level of relaxation. I’m good at amping up, and not so good at winding down, so I found Zen very soothing and a good reminder to chill out. By focusing on my breathing, I was able to feel more calm and, well, Zen in 60 seconds.

Tinké is a petite device that plugs into your iOS or Android phone; you gently press your thumb to the device’s sensor to measure your fitness (or stress) levels. This was the only sticking point I encountered, which is totally on me, not Tinké; I have my phone in a waterproof case, and Tinké’s connector didn’t quite fit inside the port. But it was worth it to me to wrangle my phone out of its case for the opportunity to check my SpO2 and find my Zen.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Wow, thanks so much for the extensive review! I currently have the polar loop – original – and absolutely love it. I use the heart rate monitor strap when I am exercising. It is my personal coach for sure! It pushes me to meet and then exceed my goal daily!

    Thanks again for the review, I love keeping up to date with the latest!

  2. Great information and I’m definitely looking into that Twister Tracker. 😀 I think my husband and I could really have a blast with that thing. 😀

    As for the tracker I use, it’s definitely Fitbit One. I love my fit bit since it tracks my steps, stairs, miles and hours of sleep. Some of these look amazing though, so I might look into something else…however I find if I have something that tracks too many things I get overwhelmed and stop using it all together. LOL. It’s definitely a less is more mentality for me. 🙂

  3. Anne says:

    Thanks for the product review. It is always such a difficult decision for me to buy a product that there are so many variants of. I tried looking for products that have complementary things I’m looking for. I was struggling with sleep and needed a new pillow. While looking into that I found a company that sold both a sleep/activity tracker and a pillow that I heard was amazing. I got the 100series tracker and an adjustable pillow. https://rem-fit.com/ Both have worked so great for me. Good luck on your choices!

  4. Amanda says:

    Love these! Seriously, I may have an addiction to fitness trackers of all sorts haha! One that would rock on this list too is the ncredible sleep tracker, The REM-Fit Sleep Monitor. It’s an incredibly thin strap that lays across your bed, and while you sleep it monitors your heart rate, respiratory rate and motion. It analyzes all of the data from your sleep to give you a sleep score based on how long you slept, your heart rate, respiratory rate, motion and more. Then, you just tap on your sleep score in the free app and you can get a full account of the factors that make up your score. Plus it has an extra long lasting battery so you don’t have to plug it in each night. Just charge it up while you wash your sheets and you are all set. I highly recommend this. You can see more info about it at this link: Fitness & Sleep Trackers (https://rem-fit.com/) (Seriously the best sleep tracker I’ve found.) Huzzah to fitness tracking devices!

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