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Genius Ways to Save Big on 5 Pricey Healthy Foods

Background texture of assorted mixed nuts including cashew nuts, pecan nuts, almonds
While we are not ones to fall into the trap of believing that “healthy foods” means “expensive foods,” we’d be fools to not admit that some of our fave healthy foods are rather pricey. I mean, you can get a bottle of decent wine at TJ’s for the same cost as a kombucha. A single bottle of kombucha! Which is why we’ve rounded up five our favorite healthy foods that are anything but wallet-friendly and shared not one but two easy ways to save big on them. It’s just up to you whether you want to DIY it or not!

1. Kombucha

Buy it: Stop by Safeway stores and pick up their line of O Organics Kombucha for $2.50 a bottle. Also try hitting Natural Grocer’s — they have a lot of brands on sale often!
Make it: Yes, you can make your own bucha! Here’s how Susan and Jenn did it.

2. Coconut Water

Buy it: Instead of buying bottled coconut water, save by buying it as a powder! ALOHA offers a powder that you can mix with water for instant coconut water at just about $1 a serving. Take it here, there and everywhere — and save.
Make it: Buy a couple coconuts and follow these instructions to get the water out — plus the milk and the flesh!

3. Organic Nut Butters

We're nutty for nuts.

We’re nutty for nuts.

Buy it: It’s hard to beat the prices at Trader Joe’s, Costco and Aldi when it comes to nut butters, but if you’re only needing a small amount, Whole Foods does allow you to grind your own peanut butter (which is as fun and DELICIOUS as it is more affordable).
Make it: Grab your blender of choice and make your own nut butter!

4. Ghee

Buy it: Ghee, or clarified butter, isn’t exactly cheap even when it’s on sale (and as much as we love Trader Joe’s, its ghee just isn’t that high quality), but you can usually find it much cheaper at Indian specialty stores or markets! Also be sure to keep your foodie peepers on Amazon!
Make it: It only takes 30 minutes, seriously.

5. Coconut Aminos

Buy it: This gluten-free and Paleo substitution for soy sauce is delicious (like we use in this Paleo pad Thai recipe), but the cost of it adds up quick. Save by buying it in bulk (50 cents an ounce versus $1-plus) or, if you’re not doing the strict Paleo thing, consider buying Bragg’s Liquid Aminos that’s made from soybeans and way more affordable.
Make it: So you can’t exactly make coconut aminos, but you can get darn close with this recipe!
Another fun tip? If you’re gluten-free, check out Aldi and Trader Joe’s. Aldi has SO many super affordable g-free options on everything from cookies to crackers to brownie mix, and Trader Joe’s new line of g-free bread is better (IMHO) and cheaper than Udi’s! —Jenn

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