When Overeating Is More Than Uncomfortable

We’ve all — and I truly mean all — had occasions where we eat too much. And I don’t mean “too much” in any sort of a judgmental way, because I’ve certainly been so hungry that I’ve polished off a sizable meal and still gone back for more without batting an eye. I mean that we’ve eaten to the point of being stuffed. Uncomfortable. Unable to move. Like, on this hunger/fullness scale, we’re a 10. Or maybe off the chart entirely.
And it seems like those feelings are especially prevalent during the holidays, maybe because we’re enjoying a once-a-year type of celebratory meal (hello, Thanksgiving) or trying to finish up the leftovers from that feast. But, it could also be due to something a little more problematic, like an eating disorder where you binge on food for reasons that don’t actually have much to do with hunger.
The folks at Healthline created a 12-question quiz (below) to help you think a little more deeply about your eating habits, because the signs of an eating disorder aren’t always as obvious as you might imagine. It’s not only about what you eat — it’s also about how the food you eat makes you feel.

eating disorder quiz

This quiz from the folks at Healthline can help you pinpoint whether your eating habits could be dangerous to your health.

If you nodded your head to more than three of these, first off, please don’t feel freaked out or embarrassed or anything. However, I do encourage you to talk to a trained medical professional who can help you identify your triggers and get you the treatment you need, whether that’s therapy, medical treatment, or tools you can use on your own. You’re not alone, and this can be a tough time of year for a lot of us — if you need help, don’t be shy about asking for it!
Did any of these questions surprise you? I’ll admit, I answered yes to a couple even though I think my relationship with food is in pretty good order these days. Kristen

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