Love Yo’Self Challenge: Day 1 (Plus, a Giveaway!)

We told you we were changing things up with the Fit Bottomed Challenge and here we go, y’all. A weekly Fit Bottomed Love Yo’Self Challenge that will help you to love yourself (obviously) and, if you’re in a relationship, love yo’ partner, too.

And you can win free stuff! But not just any free stuff — workouts and a book from one of our fave relationship and fitness experts: Gina Guddat! Gina is the author of Love Metabolism: A Guide to Turning Up the Heat in Your Relationship and creator of the DVD fitness series Couples Workouts for Health and Happiness. And not only is she giving away her recent products to one lucky reader, but she actually also designed the daily challenges!

Gina Guddat
FBGs, meet Gina Guddat!

(Told ya it was gonna be cool.)

So, let’s get to today’s free challenge. And come back every day this week for a new feel-good challenge — bookmark this link!

The Day One Love Yo’Self Challenge


Love Yo’Self: Feel your body move more freely by taking a salsa, Zumba, tribal or belly dancing workout today. Letting your body experience various forms of movement will tap into your feminine and challenge it in a new way.


Love Yo’ Partner: Grab your partner in the kitchen, family room or bedroom and lead him or her in a dance. Whether it be a slow romantic embrace to a ballad, a swing dance fling or country line dance. Moving to the rhythm with your partner creates oxytocin, a brain chemical that bonds couples together.


How to Enter the Love Yo’Self Giveaway

Feeling happier and freer already? Maybe even lucky? In order to win this:


All you have to do is this: Leave a comment with 10 things you love about yourself, inside or out. We’ll pick a random U.S. reader to win in about a week and notify him/her in the comments and directly via email. Yay!

Do you feel the love? We feel the love! Let it pour out of your soul … ! —Jenn


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  1. 1) my perserverance
    2) patience
    3) my “mini” curves
    4) my strength
    5) my smile
    6) my ability to listen fully to everyone who speaks to me
    7) My determination
    8) My ability to have self control (yet still enjoy things when I want to)
    9) My confidence
    10) my honesty

  2. 1. Smart
    2. Hard Working
    3. Loyal
    4. Honest
    5. Empathetic
    6. Devoted to my kids
    7. Detail Oriented
    8. Organized
    9. Good Cook
    10. Resourceful

  3. 1. Loyalty
    2. Intelligence
    3. My eyes!
    4. Adventurous
    5. Believe the best things about people
    6. Love my family
    7. Determination
    8. Strength
    9. Grateful for life
    10. Always able to bounce back from a setback

  4. 10 things I LOVE about myself:
    1. I go out of my way to help others
    2. I’m a good listener
    3. I am hard working
    4. I love my legs
    5. I am a go getter
    6. I am a good cook
    7. I am patient
    8. I am a good friend
    9. I am a self starter
    10. I never give up.

  5. 1. Loving/Caring
    2. Resourceful
    3. Good cook/baker (my husband has gained 60 lbs since we started dating)
    4. Sense of humor
    5. Outgoing
    6. Faithful/loyal
    7. Honest
    8. Always putting others first
    9. Grandkids are my world
    10. Willing to try just about anything new

  6. 10 things I love about myself:

    1) I have a killer smile
    2) My body has gotten me through 3 pregnancies (almost, being induced on the 16th!!)
    3) My body and mind have gotten me through a Tough Mudder competition AND I want to do more!!!
    4) I am a very good listener and have a HUGE heart that is always trying to give.
    5) I have strong work ethic which really has me putting my all in everything that I do.
    6) I am a great mother and am excited to expand from just my daughter to my son.
    7) I am a continuous learner, if things aren’t the way I’d like them to be in life I’m willing to learn new ways to continue improving them.
    8) I love my butt
    9) I am a great dancer…I should really take up some Zumba classes
    10) I am strong…may times when friends or family ask for help moving I’m right in the middle of the action lifting the heavy items.

  7. 1.eyes
    2. Cheeks
    3. Curves
    4. Smile
    5. Sense of humor
    6. Motivation
    7. Laugh
    8. “Tiger stripes” (stretch marks from my babies)
    9. Freckles
    10. Ability to love myself for who I am and how I look even if I’m trying to change for the better.

  8. 1. Determination
    2. being a friend
    3. loyalty
    4. seeing good in others
    5. devotion
    6. focus
    7. love of life
    8. friendships
    9. my love of my family
    10. passion for travel

  9. 1. My child (the most loved part of me that is becoming independent too quickly!)
    2. Caring nature
    3. Determination
    4. Personality
    5. Sense of Humor
    6. Eyes
    7. Confidence
    8. Passion
    9. Smile
    10. Selflessness

  10. 1. I love that I am a giving person.
    2. I have a sense of humor.
    3. I like the fact when I have not so great day’s I think of the positive aspects of my day.
    4. I walk at least 20 minutes a day to help reduce stress and stay healthy.
    5. If I don’t complete a challenge or task the first or second time, I will try again until it’s complete. Never give up!
    6. I love my curves.
    7. I love my smile.
    8. I love my brown eyes.
    9. I love the sound of my laughter for that means I am in a good mood!
    10. I love the skin I am in because I am me.

  11. And our winner is … Dolores: #6! Emailing you now, lucky lady! 🙂

    Thanks to all who entered and took the challenge. We heart you!

    —FBG Jenn