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7 Questions With Fitness Instructor of the Year Amy Dixon

Amy Dixon 2Who’s a big Amy Dixon fan? We are! We recently shared her top Spin class tips, and today we’ve got a Q&A with the 2015 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year herself. Read on as Amy talks about the latest workouts she created for Motion Traxx and its app, why HIIT is so awesome, her favorite motivational saying, how she makes time for herself, and more!

Q&A With Amy Dixon

1. Can you tell us about these workouts and why you created them? These workouts bring world-class coaching to the masses. They are intense, 20-minute HIIT-based workouts that mimic the feel of the indoor cycling classes that I lead at Equinox in Santa Monica. I work with Motion Traxx, and they sync my coaching with a music soundtrack, setting the perfect intensity and pedal pace throughout the ride.

We created these workouts together because we wanted people who use the Motion Traxx app to benefit from a solid dose of cycling workouts. All three of the Cycle HIITs workouts were all among the Top 10 most popular workouts used in the Motion Traxx app recently. The Cycle HIITs workouts are a continuation of Motion Traxx’s commitment to push people to be their fittest so they can be their best. With the proper coaching and music, people WILL see results as long as they do the workouts consistently. We make working out fun and enjoyable so that people can #LoveToSweat.

2. Who are they best suited for? People who appreciate a good indoor cycling class but want the freedom to do it on their own schedule without having to plan around attending a class.

3. Why are HIIT-style workouts so darn awesome and effective? They add variety to your overall workouts. They push your intensity to the next level, which helps you get fitter, faster. They burn more calories during the workout than standard cardio. They also rev your metabolism and produce an after-burn effect (exercise physiologists call it EPOC). The result is that you burn calories long after the workout is over.

4. Do you have any favorite mantras or motivational sayings that you like to use during workouts? I provide plenty of them during the ride. One I especially like is “Any change is change.” That’s basically my cue to keep pushing harder, even if it’s just a little bit, it’s still good.

5. What’s the most common mistake you see people make when it comes to workouts and/or weight-loss? Weight-loss requires consistent workouts, which is an area where many people fall short. They start, then stop, which hurts their progress. The other piece of weight-loss is nutrition, so no amount of working out can make up for poor dietary choices. But through intense exercise, we build up discipline and strength, which helps us say “no” to poor nutrition choices. Plus, HIIT workouts are HARD WORK, which makes you think twice before ruining all that hard work by eating a donut. Finally, people can get overly strict with their diets, which can cause total abandonment. Better to mix in a cheat meal one to two times per week as a way to make the stricter eating routine more manageable.

6. Body image and self-talk is so important (and something we’re really passionate about!). Any tips on having a healthy relationship with yourself and your body? It’s important to speak gently with yourself, celebrate the wins, and not be hard on yourself if you slip up, skip workouts, or indulge on cuisine and libations, or if your weight fluctuates. The important thing is to be resilient — pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back to your routine. Focus on your goals.

7. You have a husband and two kiddos. How do you make time for you? I add “Amy time” to my calendar, set boundaries and goals and make a commitment to myself to get in at least an hour a day of personal time. It’s about making yourself a priority and loving and taking care of yourself first, so that you can take care of everyone else.

Thanks for chatting with us, Amy! Which tip of her resonated with you best? I’m off to add some “Jenn time” to my calendar! —Jenn

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