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3 Easy Resistance Band Moves from Star Trainer David Kirsch

resistance bandI work from home but make it a point to either get outdoors for a power walk or hit the gym for strength training. I mean, I love my house and all but the change of scenery is needed.

But the past few weeks I’ve been stuck at home while our house goes through some much needed renovations, letting workers in and out of the house and waiting for people to show up (or not …).

Because of that I’ve been working out at home, and when I saw these exercises from New York trainer to the stars David Kirsch, I had to share them with you and ask him about home workouts.

Q. How do exercise bands compare with weight machines or hand weights?

A. Exercise bands are as effective, if not more effective, than weight machines and hand weights — if used properly. I prefer using bands with handle bars as it allows for a secure hold. Bands are also quite beneficial because they can reach muscles that weights can’t reach. Bands are great when you’re doing a workout without a trainer. They can be safer and more effective and are relatively affordable.

Q. Can you get as good of a workout at home as you can at a fancy gym or with a trainer?

A. Absolutely! In my book, Ultimate Family Wellness, it explains my 5-5-5 program — a short-term weight-loss and toning program where I created body-weight resistance exercises that anyone can do in the comfort of their own home. I realize that not everyone has access to the gym or can afford a personal trainer.

3 Easy Resistance Band Moves

Here are three exercises that only require a resistance band. Do all three and you’ll get a quick total body workout with a minimum of time, space and equipment. You also can stash the band in your luggage and get a decent workout on the road this summer.


Stand with feet hip-width apart, band under both feet.


Hold a handle in each hand, arms down at sides, and pull upwards.




Tie band around arches of feet, then keeping feet flexed and both legs straight, pull handles towards your chest.


Pause, then lower. 


Tie band around a sturdy object (like a sofa leg), pull on handles with legs bent.


Proceed to bend on either side. Bend the right knee, while pulling with right arm and straightening the left leg. Alternate sides.


Do you like resistance bands? How many are in your collection? (I have too many to count.) — Gail

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  1. Lesley says:

    I love resistance training! Love all of the demo’s!


  2. debra says:

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  3. It is looking very easy to use, i am sure gonna add this exercise in my routine.

  4. Roshan says:

    Great article..
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  5. These are great band exercises that anyone can do in the convenience of their own home. Great article!

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