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My Derailer: Because Fun and Exercise Gets in the Way

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You can’t always plan how your day is going to go. And when you end up being away from home longer than you’d intended — for any reason, good or bad — it can really throw off your healthy eating habits. We have a name for those tricksters: Derailers. This funny video about air travel derailers might hit a little close to home for some of you!

My personal derailers are considerably less sinister than this smooth-talking pilot. I’ve mentioned before that I’m really lucky to have found a really fun, athletic, active social group. Nearly every night of the week (and a considerable number of mornings), some combination of friends is getting together for some sort of workout … and it’s really hard to pass any of them up.
Normally, that’s really not a problem for me — I’m certainly no stranger to two-a-days, so hitting the gym in the morning and joining up with a group run after work? I don’t think twice. But when I find myself going from, say, a run on the beach directly to an impromptu bike ride with friends … that’s a little more problematic because, well, a girl’s gotta eat. And this girl’s gotta eat some quality protein if she’s going to keep up with this crazy group.
I think we all know that I’m a big fan of a protein-packed smoothie to start the day (or for lunch, or as a snack), but when I’m rushing to get into dry clothes because I just finished an awesome swim workout and got out of the pool to find a text from a friend about hitting up a hip hop dance class across town, I don’t even have time to swing by my house, let alone whip up a smoothie. And if we happen to be finishing up right around sunset, don’t even ask me not to pop by the beach on the way home to meet up with a few other friends and celebrate a gorgeous end to an awesome day. It won’t hit me until I’m settled in the sand (maybe with a glass of champagne in hand) that I probably should’ve eaten dinner an hour ago.
That’s why it’s extremely handy to have Pure Protein Bars tucked away in my gym bag to hold me over until I have a chance to grab a real meal.
pure protein bar
Each Pure Protein Bar delivers between 19 and 32 grams of pure whey protein — it’s not only essential nutrition for strength and lean mass, but it’s also enough to stave off a post-swim/pre-twerk hangry situation. And, each gluten-free bar has just 3 grams (or less) of sugar.  There are a variety of flavors (my two faves are Chocolate Salted Caramel and Chocolate Peanut Butter) to help you keep on track with your healthy eating habits without missing a beat.
Which is of particular importance when you’re in a jam-packed, fast-pace dance class, let me tell you.
Now that summer’s here, I know these exciting, spur of the moment active opps are only going to increase, both at home and as I’m on the road/in the air for a few cross-country summer trips. So, whether I’m on my way to the tennis courts after a strength session at the gym or on a plane for several hours with no airline options but those sad little pretzels or a snack box with three kinds of cured meats that I don’t eat, I’m not going to get off track. I’ll plan ahead to beat those derailers with a Pure Protein Bar or two at the ready!
What are the biggest healthy eating derailers you face? I think it’s important to be aware that even the things we love to do and are generally good for us, like workouts with friends, can be a derailer! Kristen
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