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A Better Gym for a Greater You

Ever since I started my weight-loss and fitness journey, I’ve always been amazed at just how this community works. I’ve made many friends through my gyms and other events I’ve participated in. I truly believe it’s this community that pushes me to try new things in the fitness world. I’ve tried different CrossFit-style workouts, each time going into it quite intimidated. Then, when a trainer I worked with in the past opened his new gym here in Kansas City, I knew that I simply had to give it a try.

In the past I felt that the whole CrossFit-style was not for me, but like I told you, it’s something about this community.

Jason Belz, founder, owner, and trainer at A Greater You in Overland Park, Kansas, left the corporate gym world to spread his passion and mission.

“We are a community of everyday-badasses who are pushing, pulling, running and jumping their way to individual greatness and group glory!”

This mission — simple yet raw and honest — is exactly what Jason is doing. Being a Fit Bottomed Dad to twins, a darling little boy and adorable sweet girl under the age of one, Jason knows just how tough it is for anyone and especially parents to focus on themselves. Of course, that’s why Jenn and I had to step into the gym and see just why KC can’t stop talking about A Greater You.


Sweaty selfie.

The facility is clean, crisp and inviting. Its open floor plan allows each member to feel the energy being given off by their fellow gym goers. When you enter, you feel as though you belong. It’s a team in there. Everything is geared toward each member’s fitness level, yet you still feel as though you are one.

I treated myself as a newbie — let’s face it — I kind of am! Jason is very diligent in his methods and takes his teaching very seriously, no matter what the level. However, he puts plenty of humor into his routines!


I felt very in-the-know of what to expect, how the workouts are handled, and what MY OWN BODY is capable of doing.

Did you hear that? CAPABLE.

That’s a tough one sometimes. Carrying around a 20-pound baby and a 50-plus pound toddler is easy stuff. I throw them on a hip and off I go. Heck, I can put mascara on, carry a glass of water and two kids. However, when it comes to lifting heavy weights, I feel weak and often intimidated by those surrounding me. Jason took me, step by step, over what I can expect starting out as a novice.

First things first at AGY: form. Jason had little concern for my weight-carrying ability. What he wanted to educate me on was my form. Too often many gym goers jump right into a routine and often neglect this important step. Jason made it clear he was more interested in showing me proper ways to move through each round and helping me know what to feel in each muscle group. I learned the proper ways to balance my body, hold my body and — most importantly — have a feel for what my body was capable of doing. There’s that word again.

As the workout progresses, so does the weight. (Each column is a level of a difficulty; beginners at the fair left and advanced peeps on the right.)


I expected to leave sore. Don’t get it twisted, I was sore for many days to follow. I also expected to feel excited. Which I was, very excited. I was excited that I learned the proper form for a CrossFit-based workout. I expected to leave educated, intrigued and valued. I felt all of these. Even though I was a novice, I still felt valued and an active participant in Jason’s group. Among all of these though, I never went in with the expectation that I’d feel capable.

Oftentimes, we lose sight of just what our bodies can do. I grew two babies in my body. TWO. Like a master in art, I made each and every single part of their being. I did that. Yet, I still, at times, allow myself to feel restricted physically. All in the mind. I realized Jason’s ultimate lesson was just this: Letting our mind power our movement, not our bodies. Our bodies can do a lot, but unless we power ourselves mentally, well, then we just don’t realize just how capable we are.

Thank you Jason. Not only for kicking my butt, but also for reminding this mama that we are stronger than we think. —Jennifer

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