Follow This One Piece of Advice to Make Your Workouts Better

Portrait of a fitness woman doing stretching exercises at stadium

You know what’s easy to do? Stuff you like to do.

For example, have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, man! I wish I had more time to binge watch [insert Netflix show here].” Or: “I just have not had time to get on the internet and watch hilarious [insert favorite animal] videos lately.”

Nope, we all make time to do the things we want and enjoy doing. This is part of the reason why our book and best advice for workout newbies is to pick an activity that you love. It’s simply easy to get yourself to do the stuff you want to do.

But, if you’re someone who has been working out for awhile and you want to get fitter — faster, stronger, more agile or just kick ass in a way you never have before — here’s one piece of advice I want you to take to heart: work on the thing you want to improve first.

Basically, if you have the habit of going to the gym down and want to take things to the next level, you need to not just do the stuff you want to do. Of course still do that (that stuff is awesome, yo!), but begin starting your workout with the thing that’s the hardest or with the thing that you stink at and want to get better at. This may not be the thing you love to do. In fact, you may hate this thing. (I’m looking at you wall ball and running fast.) But, in order for you to be better at it and love it (ever notice that you love the stuff you’re good at and dislike the stuff you’re not good at?), you gotta work at it.

And doing it first is extra important because — I don’t know about you but with me — if I don’t do something first, then it’s much more likely to not happen. Like, if I do an awesome Zumba class, I’m probably not going to bust out thrusters after. I’m going to grab a smoothie and head home. But if I did 20 thrusters before Zumba? Well, then I’d just be warmed up and feeling extra proud of myself for working on something I’d like to improve.

You guys know what I’m saying? 

Set your goals. Do the work. Love the process. Be grateful for the journey. After all, you got this.

What thing will you work on first today? —Jenn


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  1. Hello! I really like this piece of advice because it resonates a lot with me. When you work on just doing things you don’t want to do, and I mean just doing them WITHOUT thinking about them, that’s when it grows on you and it becomes a habit. I used to think a lot about working out first thing in the morning and that made it so hard for me. Now I don’t think anymore, I just go and DO IT. It’s not so hard anymore.