Our Hilarious Experiment With Edible Kids Nail Polish

A few weeks ago, Erin suggested I paint Gwen’s fingernails. I hadn’t painted my own fingernails in a long time, so I was like, YES! This is such a great fun idea. We can both paint our nails! It’ll be mother-daughter happy bonding at its best.


And so I headed to the drugstore, got two oh-so bright and fun colors (purple and orange for those who are curious) and got to painting. Erin told me to get the 60-second dry kind and I did. Which was good because, um, toddlers wiggle.


And, although the nail polish on her toenails stayed on really well for weeks, the fingernail polish was gone by the end of the day. Toddlers always have their hands in their mouths, but Gwen’s teething really badly now so things were extra handsy.

While I tried not to think about where the nail polish went, an offer to try Kid Licks organic edible kids nail polish landed in my inbox and later on my doorstep, and, man, how great is that timing?


I was for sure this would be a fun mother-daughter bonding moment, yet again.


So we went outside in the warm sunshine to bond. And checked out the ingredients …


And tasted it. Um, yeah, it’s edible; of course, I’m going to taste it! It really did taste like beets — really smoky beets. Pleasant but not craveable (which I’m going to say is a good thing). Gwen seemed uninterested in the flavor despite loving beets.

It was also really, really thick.


But went on a little thin.



And, ahem, the drying time on this stuff is five minutes. FIVE MINUTES.

This is what Gwen thought of five minutes. Within seconds of putting it on, it was almost off.


But, hey, at least we had fun — and I didn’t have to worry about it going into her mouth. Clean-up was also relatively easy — with just a little water and some light scrubbing the nail polish on her legs was gone.


This is seriously the stuff Snapchat was made for.


Now, obviously, Gwen is just a touch too young at 16 months for this kids nail polish (or, actually, a wait time of five minutes). But, I can see with time (and maybe some bribery), Kids Licks could be a really great way for Gwen and I to have fun together. The brand also offers an organic and edible orange and green color, which look so, so cute.

So, now, I sit and wait patiently until my next mother-daughter moment …


Have you ever tried Kid Licks or another kids nail polish? At what age did you find that they didn’t immediately rub it off (on purpose or otherwise)? I’m so trying again.Jenn

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