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When Bunnies Are Mean

dani mathersI don’t even know where to begin with this one. So, did you hear the one about the Playboy bunny who snapped a nude photo of a woman in her gym locker room? And by “snapped” I mean took a picture but also Snapchatted it to her followers.

Yeah, it’s about as appalling as it sounds. Blonde bombshell Dani Mathers’ eyes were so scarred by the vision of a nude woman who didn’t live up to her centerfold expectations that she not only took a picture but then took a selfie of herself laughing at the woman, saying, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

Thankfully, there are many more good people in the world than Dani thought. Because the backlash against Dani Mathers has been swift and severe. She has been banned from all L.A. Fitness clubs. She lost her job. And she’s currently under criminal investigation. As she should be because what she did is criminal as well as despicable, and any number of horrific adjectives.

She has, of course, issued a half-assed apology. But it’s more of an “I’m sorry I got caught, I only meant to send it to a friend” apology than genuine contrition.

And as bad as her behavior is — and it’s awful — it makes me so angry that she feels that it’s somehow her place to judge others, in the locker room, in the gym — anywhere. Who is she to judge someone? And how dare she share that judgement in such a way that violates someone so personally.

No Dani, we’re not all models. Some of us are older. Some of us have had kids. Some of us have had injuries and surgeries and C-sections and haven’t had our boobs augmented and lifted. Some of us — most of us — are normal women. Women who are at the gym to get stronger. To improve our health. For alone time. Not to make sure we look perfect. Guess what, Dani? Gravity affects everyone. Even bunnies. And you’re going to want your beauty to be more than skin deep when gravity and age come calling.



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