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Summer Sipping, Had Me a Blast: White Claw Review

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I recently had someone tell me that I seemed like someone who lives life to the fullest, and that’s probably the best darn compliment I’ve ever received. So, I try live up to it every day.
I embrace opportunities that come my way, and, more often than not, I’m totally up for a celebration. Sometimes, that means toasting a friend who just set a marathon PR, and sometimes it means clinking glasses to the fact that a long, slow, hot training run is finally over, thank goodness. I’ve also been known to celebrate a really great sunset, a successful SUP adventure, or the fact that I walked both of my dogs at the same time and they didn’t pull me over even once. Victory can be found in practically everything!

beautiful beach

In some cases, kayaking to a remote beach is a reason to celebrate … and then getting home before the storm rolls in is another one. That was certainly the case the day I snapped this pic!

That’s a lot of celebrating, I know. So, it’s pretty important to me that I have tasty adult beverages I can enjoy that don’t undo all the hard workouts I’ve put in. That’s what moderation is all about, right?
You might already know that I have kiiiind of a thing for flavored sparkling water, so it’s probably not a surprise that I am fully on board with the spiked variety. And White Claw Hard Seltzer? You guys, it’s almost like this stuff was made for me.
white claw

Seriously refreshing after paddling around in the sun.

For one thing, the ingredient list is short. And can we talk about the all-natural flavors? The Natural Lime is crisp and refreshing, the Ruby Grapefruit has just the right amount of tartness, and the Black Cherry (my fave!) is slightly sweet and oh-so smooth. There’s just enough flavor to make you take notice, but overall it’s light and crisp — just like my beloved sparkling water. But spiked and more awesome.
white claw
White Claw isn’t a beer or cider — it’s more like a mixed drink, but super convenient (and without as much sugar as so many of them contain). It’s a naturally gluten-free product with a hint of natural juice and just a smidge of pure cane sugar, so it’s low in calories — just 110 calories per serving, even though it’s 5% ABV. That means I can easily sip on one or two without getting too full to enjoy a healthy meal afterward.
I also love that it comes in 12-ounce cans rather than bottles — it makes it easy to take a six-pack out on the kayak or to the beach, plus, I don’t have to stress about taking it out by the pool after I wrap up a workout. No glass, no problem!
white claw
As someone who gets to the beach at pretty much every opportunity, I dig the inspiration for the name. White Claws are enormous ocean waves that only occur during specific conditions, when it’s dry and hot but the air is heavy with the promise of an impending storm. These mammoth waves swell in sets of three, and when they crash, they leave a cool, refreshing spray that lingers in the air. Do you feel slightly refreshed just reading that? Because I do after writing it. For real.
white claw after workout
I’m not going to lie — this is an awfully mouthwatering option to have on hand. I’ve been grabbing one when I soak in the pool after a workout, but I’m hanging onto a few for a get-together this weekend.  Want to check it out for yourself? You can find White Claw at grocery and liquor stores nationwide, and it runs $9.99 for a six-pack.
What’s your favorite celebratory beverage? I just … I really, really love bubbles. —Kristen
Thanks again to White Claw for sponsoring this post!

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