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The Simple House Project That Will Make You Smile Each Time You Come Home

When we bought a house in June 2015, my boyfriend and I knew it needed some curb appeal. The previous owners’ efforts were lacking in most areas of the house, including its front.


We had a lot to do immediately upon taking possession, such as refinishing the hardwood floors and replacing the paneling in the master bedroom with Sheetrock. We slowly made our way through several smaller indoor projects throughout the winter. As soon as the weather turned nice, we took our work outside.

One of the things I disliked most about the house from day one was the front door. The house has a lot of squared touches, including the details on the big front windows and all of the original interior trim. But the front door has an oval window and a curvy pattern in the glass. It doesn’t match the rest of the house at all, but it’s a good quality front door. We couldn’t justify replacing it.

After we determined that we would keep the door, I knew I wanted to paint it. I couldn’t wait to return home every day to something a little more beautiful. The house and front door were both white, so the whole facade was lacking in eye-catching good looks. It also has red on its front in the shutters and bottom-half siding, so I knew I wanted a color that contrasted with both white and red. I had charcoal or dark blue in mind.

First, I decided to paint the shutters. I saw several houses around the neighborhood with matching shutters and front doors, and I liked that look. The paint color decision was made easy by product availability. I needed spray paint to thoroughly cover the shutters, and there was only one acceptable shade in the variety of spray paint I needed. I liked the color — Indigo Streamer — and I loved that it made my decision so simple.


The shutters turned out great, so I went back to the store as soon as I could and asked to match the shade in a quart of exterior satin paint. I also picked up a special roller cover for doors and cabinets, to eliminate any brush or sponge marks that might be left from a brush or standard roller.


I taped off the hardware and glass using painter’s tape, and then the fun began. I painted with the door open into the house so that I could adequately cover all of the edges, and I laid a cloth underneath it to keep any blue paint drips off the hardwoods.


It took two coats to completely cover the white paint. I used a brush on the crevices, then went over everything with the super smooth roller. The darker paint also exposed a pre-existing drip mark that we needed to scrape. My boyfriend used to be a residential painter, so I called him in to do the tough part. He used a 5-in-1 painter’s tool to carefully scrape away the offending drip.


After he scraped, I touched up that spot and any others that appeared to need a little more love. A short while later after everything dried, I removed the tape, using the 5-in-1 to score the edges (make a sharp line for the paint on the wood to separate from the paint on the tape). I had to scrape the glass a little because I didn’t do a perfect taping job, but the blue paint came right off with some help from my thumbnail.



Painting the front door is a small change that makes such a great difference in the appearance of a home. The whole project took about two hours, start to finish, with a little down time while I waited for the paint to dry.

Now I smile every time I see my beautiful blue door. I love the result.

Tools Needed for This Home Project

  • Painter’s tape
  • One quart of exterior satin paint
  • Roller cover for doors and cabinets
  • Paint brush
  • 5-in-1 Painter’s Tool

Total time: 2 hours


Have you ever done a quick home project that led to big zen-feeling results? I may have to try some of these easy kitchen ideas next! —Megan

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