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How to Activate Your Power of Receiving

Deana-Head-Shot-emailDeana Welch, M.Ed., believes that we all have a unique purpose, a call from our soul. You know, that thing we came here to do before the world got in the way, life got hard and we completely lost sight of it? It’s time to clear the path and connect to it again. Through her DIY courses, group programs and VIP client services, Deana helps people activate the innate power of self healing which releases the energetic blocks preventing each of us from shining our light on the world in a really big way. Plus, it makes us feel happier and have more fun, which is awesome. Learn more about Deana’s life-changing courses at www.deanawelch.com. And read on for her tips on how to tap into the power of receiving!

We’re givers. It’s our nature. As moms, wives, sisters, daughters, friends — women, in general — we give. And we’re good at it. Sometimes maybe even too good at it.

But there’s always laundry to do, mouths to feed, support to offer and love to share. At the end of the day, there’s little time left for just us.

We care deeply for those around us and, many times, think of ourselves last. This can leave us feeling depleted, resentful, unappreciated, and taken advantage of.

When we talk about this with someone else, their first response is usually something like, “You give too much,” or “You need to find a balance so you don’t wear yourself out” or “You need to take better care of yourself and put yourself first every once in awhile.”

But, the truth is we want to give. It’s our nature. We get enjoyment from giving and supporting others. So why do we have to give up something we love?

The solution isn’t to stop giving or to give less. The solution is to activate the power of receiving so you can feel replenished and continue giving your gifts to the people around you.

When we bring awareness to the energetic principles behind giving and receiving — how giving can deplete our energy and receiving can replenish it — we can turn the act of giving into a sustainable process that feels really good to us. No matter how much we give to others!

Ladies, it’s time for some straight talk on giving and receiving.

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What Happens Energetically When We Give

Because we are nurturers and caretakers (and pretty darn good ones at that!), we spend the majority of the day giving our love, affection and kindness to others from the front of our bodies.

Notice how much we physically lean forward in these activities. We cook, clean, tend, hug. When we give in any capacity, it is energy flowing out of the front of our bodies. All giving occurs near or with our hearts and arms. When we give to others, our energy flows out to them. This happens all day long.

So, at the end of the day, it is common for many women to feel depleted. Especially if you are in a helping profession or caring for kids all day. We gave all our good vibes away and we don’t have much left over for ourselves.

What Happens Energetically When We Receive

Now, if we give, give, give and don’t receive anything back in return, of course we’re going to be completely drained. Think of it like breathing. We can’t breathe in at the exact same we are breathing out. Imagine only breathing out all day. It’s impossible.

If we think of giving as a loving breath out and receiving as a lovely breath in, we can begin to see how important it is to do both. Equally. Alternating between the two all day long.

Because, without making moments to receive during the day, we end up spent and depleted … and usually a bit resentful. Yet so many of us power through our days giving our energy all day, without consciously receiving any back — only to crash on the couch with a glass of wine the moment the kids finally fall asleep.

While our giving comes from the front of our bodies, our receiving comes through the back. Receiving in any capacity is energy flowing in through the back of our bodies — be it a supportive comment from a friend, a hug with a pat on the back, leaning back comfortably in a chair and relaxing, a good massage, feeling your partner as being a “soft place to fall.” We even hear it in our language: “I’ve got your back!”

How to Complete the Circle of Giving and Receiving

When we take small moments throughout the day to focus on the opportunities around us to receive love, affection and support and consciously envision breathing them in through the back of our bodies and energy system, we can complete that circle of giving and receiving. Leaving us nourished, replenished and complete.

For example, how many times have you given your toddler a drink and then rushed immediately to the next thing without really allowing yourself the opportunity to receive that chubby smile and “thank you.” Or what about when your best friend offers to bring you a coffee or pick up the check at lunch—do you argue and begrudgingly promise to pick up the bill next time, or do you genuinely thank her and consciously receive her gift of love and friendship?

There’s no shortage of opportunities to receive all around us. From receiving your child’s love when she hugs you to truly receiving (and not deflecting) a compliment from a friend, we only have to open our eyes — and our backs to the opportunities to receive.

They’re all around us, big and small.

Life is a beautiful dance of give and take, in and out breath, ups and downs. We need to consciously give and receive in equal proportions to keep it all flowing in a way that makes us feel truly replenished (and without a hint of resentment in sight).

And, I don’t know about you, but the solution for this heart-centered woman is definitely not to give less to the people I love. It’s to receive more.

How can you activate your power of receiving today? —Deana Welch

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  1. I love your closing sentiment of not shutting down our giving more but rather to open our receiving more! Such a profound shift as the current dialogue is to give to ourselves first which honestly, has some inherent flaws that you intimate beautifully in this article. Receive, receive, receive!!!!

  2. Nicole Karon says:

    Thank you for shedding light on this, Deana. It needs to be repeated. Over and again. So easy to slip up to only become drained and even resentful over the things we do.

    You have helped me become aware of the need to receive more often. It’s wonderful how that tiny spark can refuel me in split seconds. Also as a result, I now make more of an effort to create and give those moments to my husband so he can receive too.

    You’re amazing!

  3. Deana, this is perfect! I’ve only ever been told to give less, shield and protect my energy, etc., and it just doesn’t work. It makes me feel small, selfish and unhappy. This is exactly what I needed to read today. No wonder I love having my back touched so much!

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