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How to Use Crystals

how to use crystals

Ever seen a big, gorgeous geode on display at a friend’s house, or noticed someone wearing a striking crystal pendant and wondered if there was more to the stone than just looking pretty? Many people use crystals to stay grounded, feel more connected, enhance their meditation experience and more.

If you’re wondering just how a certain stone can assist you in being more present, you’re in the right place. We had the chance to ask Devi Brown, founder of Karma Bliss and music industry influencer and meditation expert, a few questions about crystals and got some really interesting insights!

Crystals for Beginners: Q&A With Devi Brown

how to use crystals

Fit Bottomed Zen: What’s the simplest way to explain how and why crystals are useful?

Devi Brown: Crystals are everywhere — they are like little gifts from the universe that retain the earth’s energies. They have been around for thousands of years. There is an abundance of stones to choose from and so many ways they can help you along your journey towards self-discovery. The best way to utilize crystals is to set an intention or goal with each. For example, Clear Quartz is a great stone with which to begin using crystals and setting intentions as it brings clarity and focus. If you want to welcome deeper love and personal connections into your life, Rose Quartz is great for that.

I personally switch up which crystals I carry with me regularly, depending on what energies I need more of that day, week, or month. Knowing what you want to manifest and setting your intentions with each crystal is a powerful tool in knowing yourself better and, then, bringing more of what you want — and less of what you don’t — into your life.

FBZ: Is there one type of crystal that you think pretty much everyone should have? Or is choosing the right crystal really a case-by-case thing?

DB: There are so many crystals so it depends on what you’re going through in your life at that time. That said, I believe that the crystal chooses you. I always tell people to hold crystals in their hands, close their eyes, and see if they can feel a slight pulsating or vibration from the crystal to determine which one they’re most drawn to and, then, to cultivate that energy. For example, I keep black tourmaline and black obsidian stones at my door to ward off negativity and keep bad energy out of my home. I also keep clear quartz in my office to help with focus and clarity. Other great stones to have include Labradorite, Aventurine, and Citrine.

FBZ: How important is the shape and size of a crystal?

DB: The bigger the crystal, the more powerful it will be, but that doesn’t mean you need to place huge crystals throughout your home or office. Smaller crystals are also very effective. I recommend people keep crystals close to their body — in their pocket or purse — and inside a pouch so they don’t lose them. Karma Bliss offers Bliss Bags for this, which are beautiful pouches of crystals curated for specific intentions. We also feature crystals in the form of jewelry, such as our Karma Bliss Wrap in Love which can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. Sometimes I like to take my stones out and place them around me while I meditate — that’s another great use!

(Note: For the month of October, 50 percent of proceeds from the Karma Bliss Wrap (Love) Rose Quartz necklace ($108) will benefit the Young Survival Coalition.)

FBZ: If someone would like to wear their crystal, is there a type of jewelry that’s best? Is one stone on a pendant a better choice than a bracelet of many small stones?

DB: That is completely dependent on preference. The most important thing is that you are choosing stones that you connect to and that have the energies you are looking to harness.

FBZ: What should a newbie know about proper care of their crystals?

DB: It’s important to “re-charge” your crystals from time to time. For example, during the blood moon I took my crystals and laid them out on big baking sheets and then placed them outside to absorb the energy of the moon. Of course, that’s a rare occurrence, but you can also put them outside to soak up the energy of the sun or full moon every few weeks or so. Also, just holding your crystals and re-setting your intentions from time to time is an important step as that will help you stay focused and maintain or regain clarity regarding what it is you want (or don’t) in the first place.

Have you ever used crystals? I’ve got a pretty nice collection started, but I learned a lot from Devi! Kristen

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