Gratitude Challenge Day 3: Declutter a Space


There’s just something about walking into a space that has, well, space, right? I mean, I know that when I walk into my house and it’s got stuff all over the place and dishes to be done and things to put away, I don’t exactly feel zen. And the thoughts in my head are more like four-letter words than gratitude. But, when the house is decluttered and sparkling or even remotely clean? Well, yeah, that I can get into. Which is exactly what we’re doing to do together for day 3 of the gratitude challenge!

(First time hearing about our free 5-day gratitude challenge? Read this and find all of the daily challenges here — you can start the challenge at any time!)

Day 3 Gratitude Challenge: Declutter a Space

Home office with wall of windows around room

Take a cue from Karen and find some gratitude for your living space by taking a room or even a drawer or shelf in your place and clear it out! Make piles to toss, sell, donate or keep — keeping only the stuff you really need — and instantly feel more spacious and organized.

What room will you declutter? Two words: my desk. Oh my goodness, my desk needs it! —Jenn


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