Rocky Is 40! Celebrate With This Knockout Workout

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Even if the only thing you know about Rocky is that it features Eye of the Tiger (you know — one of the greatest workout songs of all time!), you’re probably aware that the movies feature some seriously inspiring training scenes. Seriously — every time I run up a flight of stairs, I channel my inner Balboa. Sometimes I even throw some punches at the air when I get to the top. (Where’s my statue?)

Well, Rocky — the movie, not the boxer — turns 40 today, and to celebrate, we’ve got a boxing-inspired, 10 round workout from Noah Neiman, co-founder New York boxing studio Rumble (and an Eat the Bear elite trainer who recommends following up tough workouts like this one with a recovery shake).

Short on time or not sure you have the stamina to go all 10 rounds? Pick three, five, or seven rounds and knock ’em out — you can do the rest tomorrow!

Rocky Balboa-Inspired Boxing Workout (No Gloves Required!)


Warm up well (seriously, don’t skip it), then do each round for three minutes (unless otherwise noted), resting 30 seconds between rounds. See how many times you can get through each circuit, then try to beat that number next time!

Round 1: Legs, Abs and Back

  • 20 squats
  • 10 jump squats
  • 30 alternating bird dogs

Round 2: Legs and Abs

  • 20 alternating lunges
  • 10 alternating side lunges with 3 high knees in between each lunge
  • 10 sit-ups touching opposite elbow to opposite knee at top

Round 3: Glutes

  • 30 hip thrusters
  • 30 frog pumps
  • 30 alternating straight leg kickbacks

Round 4: Abs (30 seconds of each)

  • walking plank
  • push-ups
  • compound crunches
  • oblique leg raises
  • oblique leg raises opposite side
  • butterfly sit-ups

Round 5: Arms (45 seconds each, 2x through)

  • hand walkouts to push-up position
  • bench dips
  • alternating shoulder taps in high plank

Round 6: Conditioning (back to 3 minute timed round)

  • 20 pretend jump ropes
  • 20 alternating lunge jumps
  • 20 high knees
  • 1+ boxer burpee (add an additional burpee each time)

Round 7: Conditioning

  • 20 A-skips
  • 20 alternating side lunges
  • 20 twisting mountain climbers driving knee to opposite elbow

Round 8: Reverse Pyramid

  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 crunches
  • 9 push-ups
  • 9 crunches
  • 8 push-ups
  • 8 crunches

Round 9: Plie Squats

  • Nothing but plie squats for 3 minutes!

Round 10: Crazy 8s

  • 8 alternating back lunges
  • 8 boxer sit-ups ( throwing 4 punches at the top of the sit-up)
  • 8 boxer burpees

Cool down well (or strut around your imaginary ring — you do you!).

Have you ever done any boxing? I’ve done a decent amount with a heavy bag (and I love it!), but I’ve never actually sparred with anyone. I’ll admit it — I’m afraid of breaking my nose! I guess I’m exactly like Rocky Balboa, huh? —Kristen

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  1. Love the article. Recently I have started boxing, hitting kicking during my workouts. Gloves on hitting the heavy bag, jumping rope. Wow! Cardio blaster, stress reducer a great change from my other workouts. I definitely recommend this for women too…