Glycerin 15 Giveaway and How You Can Score a Brooks Endorsement Deal

Ever thought it would be super duper cool to land an endorsement deal for running? Like, that would be the best gig ever, right? Get paid to run? Well, now you can brag to all of your friends and family that you’re officially an endorsed runner with Brooks Running through what’s being called the biggest endorsement deal in sports history: the Brooks Big Endorsement.

Brooks is inviting all runners to make their childhood dreams come true by signing up here. It costs nothing and — in addition to bragging rights — all Brooks-endorsed athletes will receive a $1 check and access to content from Brooks experts about training, nutrition and a variety of other running related topics. Plus, a super cool certificate that shows you have an official deal. It’s kind of amazing. So do it now and become part of a movement that shows that ALL runners (Olympics-level fast to turtle-paced) deserve support for getting out there — and that the coolest thing about running is the community of all kinds of runners!

Glycerin 15 Giveaway

Need more incentive to sign up for the Brooks Big Endorsement? How about a free pair of Glycerin 15s for one lucky U.S. reader? Kristen just reviewed them, and we think it goes without saying that you want to win these. Enter to win a free pair in the color of your choosing by leaving a comment with what your running dreams are. Want a second entry? Tell a friend about this post and then leave a comment saying who you told. Want a third entry? Sign up for the Brooks Big Endorsement and leave another comment about how it makes you feel to be all official and stuff.

G’luck and happy running, all! —Jenn


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  1. I used to be a runner. It made me free. I slowly have let life get in my way and have gained weight back and more. My dreams are to start walking again and then running to the point where I can do the half marathon’s I used to do as well as one day run a full marathon. Even if it takes until I am 80, I want to do it!

  2. I want to run a sub 2 hour half marathon! I was close at 2:15 for my last one! And I ran it in a pair of Glycerins and am in need of a new pair!

  3. My goal is to get to where running becomes zen. Definitely not there yet…. Still working up to it!

  4. My running dream is being able to run again after knee replacement surgery (next spring). I am subjected to walking only now and hate it!

  5. Having the endorsement would really encourage me! I like to run but I’m just not regular with it.

  6. I want to run a full marathon pain free! (plus, I should win these shoes because they are the only shoes I can fun comfortably in!)

  7. I signed up for Brooks endorsement- #46602 and I feel totally official and awesome! Thanks!

  8. Last week, I accomplished my BIG dream of becoming a marathon finisher. Now, I’m planning to focus on getting faster at shorter distances, with a long-term goal of hitting a sub-20 minute 5k.

  9. I’m not sure this is a dream exactly, but I’m running a two mile rave for charity in a couple of weeks, and would like to keep that going!

  10. My running dream is to someday complete a half marathon, and to continue running for as long as my body will sustain it. I found it closer to mid-life and love the freedom and meditation it provides me.

  11. I told my husband and sister about the post. She inspired me to try running and he got me into running consistently.

  12. I signed up for the Brooks Big Endorsement (#46672) and very excited to get access to all their content and training tips. It’s just the motivation I need to kick me into gear this summer!

  13. My running dream is to keep running 5 times/week for the rest of my life…at least until I’m 85! These sneakers look awesome!!

  14. My run is on the beach with the fam including Molly our Golden Doodle!!! SO AMAZING!!

  15. Hi Jenn,

    Nice post!

    Excellent offer by brooks. It will be extremely beneficial for people to know nutritional facts and it will help people in staying healthy and fit. Links provided by you in your post are also helpful.

    My running dream is to run with usain bolt and beat his record! I shared this post with my friend vikash.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  16. My running dream is to work up to a half marathon – and do some of those awesome national parks races!

  17. Also, I’m official! I’m athlete 47,580! 🙂

    The information on their website really looks great.

  18. I’m training towards running my first 5k in September, it’s for the Autism Society and my son is Autistic so it means a lot to me and I’m excited to have it as my first ‘run the entire 5k’ goal.

  19. My running dream is to be able to run and run and not have it feel like I am running! I’d love to work up to being able to run where it is just comfortable and fun rather than a big time workout for me.

  20. My running dream is to be able to complete a full marathon by 2018 and to continue inspiring my friends and family to sign up for races!

  21. I signed up for the Brooks Endorsement
    Welcome to the team, you’re the 48710th Brooks Athlete!

  22. Yes I am Brooks endorsed, such a great and fun PR move by Brooks. They make it easy to Run Happy 🙂

  23. This year I am fulfilling my dream by participating in the MCM in DC (Marine Corps Marathon)

  24. I am officially #brooksendorsed. I love the Brooks brand and although not always considered a runner I do enjoy it. I feel good being endorsed by a company that represents the things I love, community, activity and who doesn’t love style.