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5 Ways to Use Cheerios Besides Breakfast

There are a few cereals I remember from my childhood, and it’s only a few because we all have those cereals our parents allowed us to eat and would actually buy. For my siblings and me, the sugary the better. Now that I have my own children, I understand why my mom declined buying certain cereals — even if we gave her grief.

There’s one cereal I remember never questioning having in stock — that was Cheerios. I grew up thinking it was because they are the healthiest, but now that I’m a mom, I realized that Cheerios actually have more uses than just for breakfast. I don’t know the exact reason why my mom always had them in stock, but I know that the following are some of the reasons I do.

5 Ways to Use Cheerios Besides Breakfast

1. Learning the circle shape. The best part about this circle is that they can eat it. Of course, it might cause the little ones to think that they can eat anything in the shape of a circle, but at least they’ll know their circle shape, right?

2. Counting. I love that Cheerios are a low-mess food — unless they’re stepped on — so those little Os can be placed virtually anywhere without too much need for clean-up. This means counting can be practiced everywhere and anywhere.

3. Practicing the pincer grab. I love activities that practice fine-motor skills, but I’m not very good at making time to create or prepare them, so thank you General Mills for making my life a little bit easier.

4. Working on aim with potty training boys. This one may sound a little odd. I never used it with my son, but my sister used it with my nephew and it worked for him. Towards the beginning of his “big toilet potty training”, she would throw a Cheerio in the toilet and have him aim at the little O. (Warning: My nephew did try reaching for the Cheerio the first couple times.)

5. Creating art. After mastering the pincer grab, the same Cheerios can make beautiful art pieces that your little one can help with. Grab some non-toxic washable glue and make a flower, a rooftop, a spotted elephant, you name it. These circles are great for art projects like those funny googly eyes.

What are some other ways that you have used Cheerios other than for breakfast? —Jasmin

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