On-the-Go Snacks to Help You Power Through Your Day

Like most women in their thirties, I’m on the go — like, alllll day long. And over the years I’ve learned that if I want to keep my energy up and consistent throughout the day, I’ve gotta fuel well and often. Otherwise, the good ol’ two o’clock slump comes a knocking a little prematurely — and usually I also get a bit hangry. Trust me, no good can come of that.
So, snacks have become necessary (and very much welcome). But it’s so easy to go wrong when it comes to snacking. When I’m in a time crunch and needing a boost, it’s super tempting to just grab whatever’s handy and not always what’s nutritious and provides a big bang for the buck.
Naturally, I’ve got a few high-energy go-to snacks that I keep around. Here are a few of my new faves.

Frontier Bars & Jerky from Country Archer Jerky Co.

I’m a big fan of good quality jerky and Country Archer is one of my favorite brands.  With a motto like “more meat, less bull and no junk,” what’s not to love? I’m also totally digging their new Frontier Bars. Each one boasts an impressive 20 grams of protein and minimal sugar. Plus, the packaging makes them so easy to shove in your bag on the way out the door.
These Frontier meat-based protein bars are Paleo-friendly and free of dairy, soy, and gluten. All their products are made with 100% grass-fed beef, turkey raised without antibiotics or added hormones, and clean, real food ingredients free of added preservatives, MSG and nitrites/nitrates.
The Frontier Bars cost around $2.75 per 1.5 oz. bar and come in three varieties — Cayenne Beef with Pork, Herb Citrus Turkey, and Sweet BBQ Pork. The Jerky costs about $6.00 for a 3 oz. bag and is available in eight varieties — Original Beef, Sriracha Beef, Teriyaki Beef, Sweet Jalapeño Beef, Mango Habanero Beef, Crushed Red Pepper Beef, Hickory Smoke Turkey, and Honey Dijon Turkey.

Instant Smoothies & Smoothie Bowls by Leap

For all those times when I just don’t have the time to make a full-blown fruit and veggie smoothie, Leap has an awesome solution — Smoothie-To-Be and Smoothie Bowl mixes, packed with all the good stuff from 4-8 servings of fruit and vegetable plus a powerful punch of pea protein. They’re also totally organic, vegan, non-GMO, and free of gluten, dairy and soy.

You can find Smoothie-To-Be and Smoothie Bowl mixes in three varieties — Blue Zeal, Green Revive, and Red Power — and all of them are packed with antioxidants, plant-based protein, fiber, omega fats, vitamins, and amino acids. The Smoothie-To-Be mixes yield a 12 oz. smoothie and cost about $10.98 for a three-pack. The Smoothie Bowl mixes yield a 6 oz. serving and cost about $7.98 for a three-pack.
The Smoothie-To-Be mix packets can easily be tossed into you gym bag with a shaker bottle for a quick on-the-go snack when mixed with water (or milk). Or you can make yourself a simple and fast Smoothie Bowl like I do. My favorite way to enjoy the Smoothie Bowl is to blend a packet of Blue Zeal Instant Smoothie Bowl mix, 6 0z. plain coconut milk yogurt, and ½ of a banana in a food processor, then top it off with a few slices of banana, some sliced almonds and chia seeds. Yum!
Share your secret weapons with us! How do you get the energy you need for your day? —Alison

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