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Running Through reputation

Taylor Swift just dropped her sixth studio album, reputation, and I kid you not, as an avid Taylor Swift fan, my thoughts went straight to exercise upon first listen. This album is FULL OF JAMS. There aren’t many songs in the world that legitimately make me think, “I would love to run on a treadmill to this,” but many reputation tracks did exactly that.

So I used that inspiration the most logical way: I hopped on a treadmill and made a track-by-track interval workout for all of you who feel the same way I do. If you can’t contain yourself grooving to this new album, this is the workout for you. Or if you’ve never heard the album or even if you don’t like Taylor Swift music. I mean, haven’t you heard? The Old Taylor is dead. And New Taylor brings some serious jamz.

Quick note: This works best if you have a treadmill with the capability to quickly switch between speeds. You can definitely control the speed using the up/down arrows, but you’ll only have a few transition seconds each time. No big deal. I did it that way, but the quick settings would be optimal. This could also totally work outdoors or even on an elliptical or bike — or anything really. Just estimate your speed and do what feels right.

reputation, Track by Track

1. … Ready For It? (3:28) — Strong start: I recommend getting a slight walking warmup in before this track starts. Set your treadmill to 0.5% incline. Get yourself situated on the treadmill and get your headphones all in place and everything, because this one is upbeat from the beginning. If you’re up for it, jump right in at about 7 mph. Feel your stride syncing up with the beat. Take the last minute or so down to a walk, 3.5-4 mph.

2. End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran & Future) (4:05) — Slow run: Increase the incline to 1.5%. Maintain your walk until Future’s verse starts, then take it up to 6-6.5 mph. Stay steady throughout the song. Again, feel yourself syncing your stride to the beat. Enjoy Ed Sheeran. Think about how silly the line “I swear I don’t love the drama; it loves me” is. Take it in. Walk at the end if you need.

3. I Did Something Bad (3:59) — Fast: Keep your walk (3.5-4 mph) going until the beat picks up, about 0:45 in. Pick your pace up to 7 mph. Lengthen your stride. Take it to your fastest comfortable speed (7.5-8 mph) at 2:00. Hold that until the end of the chorus, about 2:30, then walk it during this “light me up” phase. Take it to just below your fastest comfortable speed for the last minute of the song.

4. Don’t Blame Me (3:56) — Long, slow run: Walk through the first verse, 1:00. As soon as the chorus starts, take your speed up to 6 mph. At the second chorus, 2:10, take it up a notch, 6.5-7 mph. You’ll think you want to slow down for a second, but you don’t. Just lengthen your stride and take some deep breaths because you want to keep up the pace for the last round of chorus. A break is near! Keep it going!

5. Delicate (3:52) — Elective, slow: Depending on how you’re feeling at this point in the workout, you can take it down to a walk here for the whole song or some combination of walking and a slow jog. The important thing here is to get your heart rate back down to about 130 or less after taking it up for so long on the last jam. No shame in taking a nice breather here. You’re delicate. If you’re on a tight schedule, you can skip all or some of this song. (Sorry, Swifties — it’s good and everything, but, priorities!)

6. Look What You Made Me Do (3:32) — Mid-pace run: When the beat starts, take it back to a jog. Match your pace to the beat, about 6.5 mph. Kick it up to about 7 mph at the pre-chorus, 0:45. Lengthen your stride when the beat slows down to maintain your pace and syncopation. If you’ve had enough, you can walk 2:15 – 3:00 (when the Old Taylor is dead). Jog it out until the end.

7. So It Goes… (3:48) — Elective 2, slow: Walk. This is another one to skip if you’re short on time. Increase your pace to a 6.5 mph jog on the choruses if you’re going that route.

8. Gorgeous (3:30) — Mid-pace run: Listen and appreciate the lyrics, and think about how gorgeous you are as you maintain a 6-7 mph jog for the whole song.

9. Getaway Car (3:54) — Quick changes, fast: Start off walking. Start to pick it up at the pre-chorus, hitting a full run when the chorus starts at 0:35. Imagine you’re escaping something like the characters in the song. Back to a walk for the verse at 1:10. Full run starting again at 1:45. Sneak in a 30-second walk once more before the final choruses, whenever you think it’s time.

10. King Of My Heart (3:34) — Quick changes, fast: You can walk in the beginning, but as soon as the beat drops, take it up to as fast as you feel comfortable. Let’s this banger drive your steps. Try to hold back from any dangerous dance moves on the treadmill. Walk when the verse starts if you need, but pick it back up at the bridge. Repeat. Enjoy.

11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied (3:32) — Mid-pace run: Walk as long as you need for your heart rate to come down some, or until 1:00. Take it up to about 6.5 mph with a long stride. Sneak in a walk 2:25 – 2:50 if you need. Pick it back up at the end for those serious ’80s vibes.

12. Dress (3:49) — Elective 3, slow: You can walk as much or as little as you want during this. While the song is a long awaited gem, it doesn’t provide a beat as strong as the some of the others. Skippable if you’re in a time crunch on the treadmill. You might be able to figure out a different kind of workout for this song… at home.

13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (3:27) — Mid-pace run: Settle into a nice 6.5-7.5 mph run from the start. Get into the groove of the chorus. Revel in the pettiness. Appreciate that your life isn’t filled with such drama (probably!? But hey, shoutout to you if you have Kanye drama.)

14. Call It What You Want (3:23) — Slow run: Slow it down. This is your last effort in your workout. If you’ve got some gas left, stick with a 6 mph jog. Jog as much as you can, alternating with walking as necessary.

15. New Year’s Day (3:56) — Cool down: Walk. It. Out. Congrats. That’s about an hour’s worth of exercise, and it totally just flew by, right!? All that fidgeting with the pace (and, if you’re like me, your Bluetooth headphones!) made it seem like no time at all, riiight?

What’s your favorite album to run to? I seriously can’t wait to get back on the treadmill to do it again.Megan

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