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The Good, Better, Best Approach

If 80 percent of my Facebook friends are posting clean recipes, workout challenges, their commitment to Whole 30 or their decision to go vegan, it can only mean two things:

First, it might be January! And second, even though they have the best intentions, many of these people are destined to fall short of their goals. However, I’ve got a super simple approach that can make these healthy habits easier to maintain. You ready?


First off, realize that making huge, sweeping changes that involve making all of your meals and snacks from scratch — and sticking to that, and only that for the long haul is … well, it’s nearly …


There’s so much room for error, you know? That’s why we talk about progress, not perfection. Because progress allows for flexibility, and perfection … just doesn’t. And being perfect all the time, every day, forever more really doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Not to mention:


But, does that mean you should just throw in the towel and not bother trying to clean up your eats? No way! Making changes for your health is a fantastic thing — but you’ve gotta find ways you can stick to those changes and feel successful, otherwise it becomes a vicious cycle where you try, fail, and feel worse than you did before you even started.


So I say, why make life hard? That’s not really my jam, and I doubt it’s yours, so let’s talk about ways to make healthy living — and healthy eating — more attainable today, tomorrow, and all year long using the good, better, best approach.

The Best

Between knowing where your food is coming from, being aware of exactly what’s in each meal, feeling ownership over the recipes you choose and adhering to movement ecology, it’s pretty clear that, when it comes to cooking, the best possible approach is to make everything using whole foods as ingredients. This gives you control, knowledge, and loads of healthy options.


But as mentioned above, for most people, that’s unsustainable. So, go with the best approach when you’re able, but don’t feel like a failure when you have to take things down a peg to …

The Better

We won’t pretend that time isn’t a major factor in your life — and in your kitchen. So, if you’re trying to eat healthfully but are short on time, let’s look for shortcuts.


Wanna roast veggies? Buy them pre-chopped. Pick up some pre-marinated salmon if you’re rushing home to get dinner on the table. Using a bag of salad versus cutting the leaves off a stalk of kale doesn’t make you a bad person — I promise. Do the best you can with what you’ve got, and when that means you’ve gotta find some ways to make it a little easier, so be it!

The Good

Think you’ll always have fresh produce on hand and that some raw veggies or fruit is always gonna give you just what you need? Please, share your secrets.


I mean, I’m pretty good about planning and prep, and I still find myself occasionally in need of something a little more substantial … and portable. Because sometimes I go straight from full and happy to downright hangry quickly enough to give anyone I’m with whiplash (and often a case of the giggles).


Not a pretty scene — and one I try to avoid by having quality packaged snacks at the ready.

I was recently sent a box of samples of GoMacro Macrobars, and find they’re hitting the spot (especially the dark chocolate + almonds flavor). I like that they’re vegan, the brand takes a macrobiotic approach to its products, and that they contain enough protein (10g) and fiber (2-4g — varies by flavor) to leave me feeling pretty satisfied (even if the sugar content is a little higher than I’d really like at 11-14g).

I know that any packaged nutrition bar is, by definition, processed, but the truth is that I’d rather have one on hand that I know is a solid option with real nutrition so that I’m never in the position of swinging through a gas station on my way out of town and being forced to choose between Combos and M&Ms, you know? (Combos FOREVER, for the record.)

What other aspects of your life can you apply good, better, best to? I find it works well for workouts, too — because doing something is always better than doing nothing! –Kristen

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