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10 Empowering Quotes for Moms

During my short time as a mom, there have been circumstances where the women in my life have been so caught up in their own situations, leaving them no time to devote to my challenges. And I get it. This is completely okay and normal. I don’t take it personally.

But, how did I get through my obstacles without my friends’ help? Empowering self-talk. It may sound cheesy, but it works.

You will recognize some of the following quotes and mantras because they are common in our motherhood corner. Others I have made up to empower myself in the face of adversity.

1. “It Takes a Village.”

I have a theory that it takes a village not only to raise children, but also to live a healthy, happy, and sane life. We must trust in our village’s existence, even when they are not available.

2. “You Are Not Alone.”

Actually, you are never alone. If you speak about your feelings — this may be scary — you will find others undergoing similar circumstances.

3. “I Make Time for Me.”

Easier said than done, but vital to our well being as individuals. Start with five minutes a week and work your way up to an hour.

4. “Be Still and Breathe.”

This is a great way to start making time for yourself. Take the initial five minutes a week to hear yourself breathe. It does not sound like much, but it works wonders if you commit to making it a routine.

5. “Not Today, Darkness, Not Today.”

When I feel depression coming on, I do my best to speak these words out loud. It may not always work (obviously, always talk to your healthcare provider first and foremost), but it has increased the strength I feel to fight off the heaviness that sadness makes me feel.

6. “I am Not Afraid of Being Afraid.”

This is one of my favorites. I have found great power in personifying the negative feelings such as fear. In my experience, it has disempowered fear while empowering me. This has helped me reject the negative and invite more positive into my life.

7. “You are Special and Unique. Stop Comparing Yourself.”

This one speaks for itself.

8. “You Have Everything You Need Within You.”

I have to repeat this to myself often because I am constantly looking to be better, but what if I already am the best? Is it crazy to think that all I have to do is listen to my instincts to allow that great person I am to emerge?

9. “You Are Enough.”

This one is a difficult pill to swallow because society is constantly telling me to be more. What if I want to be happy with what I am now?

10. “Love is My Ultimate Goal in Life — to Give it and Receive it.”

This has helped remove the feeling of failure for not changing the world. It helps me feel like I am changing the world through local methods. If I give my children love, then they will give it, too, and through the simple act of loving, I am changing the world.

I hope that at least one of these quotes and mantras has helped you discover some of the power you hold.

What is your favorite go-to quote when you need uplifting? —Jasmin

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I love the # 3 that no matter how busy you should always find time for yourself. I usually do Yoga early morning before I face my big day!

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