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Podcast Ep 78: RAD Experience Fitness Expert Robbie Ann Darby

Ever wished your workout felt more like a party? (Haven’t we all!) Well,  get ready because today we’re talking with Robbie Ann Darby, an actress, dancer, and fitness expert who hosts a series of RAD fitness events where, as she puts it, “event planning meets fitness.”

However, her personal journey has had its rough moments beginning with an eating disorder which began between middle school and high school. The pressure to stay thin and popular, as well as Robbie’s admitted perfectionism, created the perfect storm for disordered eating that lasted well into grad school. She’s vocal about her struggle as well as her recovery in the hopes that she can help others face their issues in a more positive way. 

After years of therapy, Robbie now serves as a role model for women, and especially women of color, who are struggling with their own food and self-image issues. The L.A.-based actress/model/fitness instructor is passionate about this mission, but she also gets pretty darn excited about the best mascara and lip stains to last through a workout session. Plus, in this fun ep, she also talks about filling her wardrobe with colorful athletic gear — years in New York City created an almost all-black wardrobe that needed some sprucing up!

Speaking of athletic gear …

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Our favorite RAD quote from the interview …

Podcast Ep 78 Highlights With Robbie Ann Darby

  • How eating disorders are not just a “white girl’s disease”
  • The origin of her eating disorder and how it cropped up again while she was in grad school
  • How hard it is for women of color to talk about body image and depression
  • Her journey from being a gawky, awkward preteen to a popular high school student — and how that messed with her sense of self
  • How most films that cover the subject of eating disorders do a disservice to their audience
  • Her favorite beauty products and why she loves to look glam while getting in a sweat session
  • The differences between New York and Los Angeles in fashion and fitness (plus the secret way all of those celebrities really get to those award shows!)
  • Plus, the FBGs are super excited about our new pair of leggings created especially for us and our followers by Four Athletics.  

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  1. iris says:

    I’ve always preferred outdoors runs to indoor fitness. I’ve switched to a whole new lifestyle lately, including a healthy diet. Also, I’ve started running on a regular basis with SportMe half marathon app, which calculates pace, elevation, calories and time plus distance. Love how I feel ever since.

  2. Nancy says:

    She is so positive and beautiful! It gives me a lot of motivation!

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    nice article…

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