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The Beauty Product All Moms Need to Have at Home

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“I have oodles of time to go to the salon.”

Said no mom ever.

“But, dude, I need a wax badly.”

Said every mom ever.

But, mamas, guess what? We’ve found the solution! And it doesn’t require a trip to a salon. And it’s not expensive. And it’s all natural. And it’s easy to use.

Say hello to the Parissa Precision Waxing Pen. This thing is genius.

Basically, it’s a little mini waxing salon at your house that you can use anytime for a full eyebrow or lip wax or just a touch-up. The kit comes with a precision waxing pen that you easily warm up via a hair dryer or a cup of warm water, mini fabric strips and Azulene oil to help soothe. You can use it anywhere on your face — and it’s all salon quality.

I love a lot of things about the Parissa Waxing Pen, but up there is the fact that it’s fragrance-free, safe, gentle and comes from sustainable sources. The wax actually contains pine resin — yep, that naturally sticky substance from pine trees! And it works. Even for someone like me, who sometimes feels pretty beauty-illiterate, it was easy to use.

The pen easily allows you to apply a thin layer of wax (the thinner the better for results) exactly where you want it. Which is pretty darn important when you’re shaping your eyebrows or looking to remove hair in a certain spot. (They’ve got an awesome guide to sculpting eyebrows here.)

And did I mention it’s only $12 USD? I mean, that’s practically the tip I leave at the salon. Such a deal!

I seriously can’t rave about this waxing pen enough. As someone who regularly goes six-plus weeks (guilty, as charged) between waxes and is terrible with a set of tweezers, this pen is not only helping me to spend less money, it’s allowing me to feel more put together — without adding another appointment to my day. Hallelujah!

How often do you wax your eyebrows? How could this save you time and money, too? —Jenn

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  1. Wonderful article and Parissa could save me time visiting a salon and a fortune spent on waxing. Please do guide to the places to get Parissa. And the price too.

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