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25 Pieces of Weight-Loss Advice You’ve Never Heard Before

It’s a new year and there are A LOT of click-baity articles out there on what it takes to get healthy and lose weight.

And that’s exactly why we want to share our best pieces of weight-loss advice with you now. We pretty much guarantee you haven’t heard them 1,000 times before …

25 Pieces of Weight-Loss Advice and Truths You’ve Never Heard Before

  1. Don’t diet.
  2. Don’t restrict.
  3. Love yourself unconditionally.
  4. Make peace with your body.
  5. Remember that you’re more than the number on the scale.
  6. Keep in mind that weight-loss doesn’t equal happiness.
  7. Know that size doesn’t equal health.
  8. Size also doesn’t equal fitness.
  9. And, size doesn’t equal happiness.
  10. Weight-loss isn’t a cure-all.
  11. Calorie counting is B.S.
  12. You deserve to take up space.
  13. Work out because you love to move.
  14. Guilt doesn’t belong on your plate.
  15. Don’t moralize food.
  16. Don’t moralize body size.
  17. The “perfect” body doesn’t exist.
  18. Bodies are not trends.
  19. You don’t have to wait to feel proud.
  20. You can’t hate yourself healthy.
  21. Use feeling good as your guide.
  22. You have bigger things to do in this world than put off your dreams until you lose weight.
  23. Diet culture is everywhere.
  24. How you feel is more important than what you look like.
  25. You don’t have to lose weight to have value.

A little different than what you’re used to reading, huh?

Make this the year that you don’t diet and you don’t restrict. Make this the year that you take your power BACK.

Did our top weight-loss tips surprise you? –Jenn

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  1. Shawna says:

    Reading this I can’t decide how I feel about it. How do we connect this info without using it as an excuse just to eat whatever we want and continue to gain wait. I understand there is no perfect body and not judging/shaming. Still enjoying life without being perfect. But I am confused how to still improve my body and not restrict some foods or amount of food.

  2. Johnny C says:

    I like that approach… it’s different from the same old same old we always see. What is most important is that you are happy the way you are.

  3. Alisa Jenkins says:

    Thank you
    I needed this today

  4. Rachna says:

    Honestly, as I’m getting on with my fitness journey, these are the things that I’ve started realizing. I totally agree with the fact that calories aren’t something that should be counted.

    I believed that losing weight would automatically make everything good. That’s not always true.

    If you have a mental disorder, chances are that you won’t be ‘happy’ or ‘satisfied’ with what you look like which is why I believe it is essential to get help. Get your head sorted and your life will automatically be better!

    I also agree with the fact that a perfect body doesn’t exist! We’re shown these beautiful, photoshopped women and are supposed to look like them! What!!!

  5. Bikini Body says:

    Good first point, don’t diet. And also point 13, the workout ist important. I found some amazing success stories of women that effectively shaped their bodies in only 60 days. And they combined “don’t diet” and “workout”. I think this could be of additional support and bring some good ideas.


    I would be very happy to hear that it helped some of you, too.

  6. Gen says:

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