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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Fit Life

Everyone loves a good upgrade, right?


But, hey, upgrades aren’t just for airplanes or rental cars or hotels. They can also be for your fit life.


And we’ve got five fun upgrades that we recently tried and think are pretty rad.


Upgrade Your Sports Bra

There tend to be two types of people when it comes to sports bras: those who like inserts and those who don’t. I tend to be of the first camp — I like the nipple coverage, I like the fullness, and did I mention I like the nipple coverage?

Despite that, I really find a lot of sports bra inserts annoying — they move out of place, get all crumpled up, are hard to put back in or take out for laundry, and I really, really find it annoying when they have crease lines in them so even if you get them in your sports bra correctly, you can still see a line through your top.

So. Annoying.

Which is why Honey Cloudz bra inserts are a serious sports bra upgrade. With a honeycomb silicone texture, they stay in place, don’t shift, flip or bunch. I’ve been wearing these in my sports bras for a month or so now and LOVE THEM.

They come in a half moon or oval shape in six skintone shades in cup sizes A-H. I haven’t tried them in my swimsuit yet, but after ditching one of my white swimsuit tops last summer because I was SO annoyed at the inserts, you better believe I’ll be rocking that suit this summer with these!

Upgrade Your Deodorant

You’ve probably been hearing us talk a lot about Inspire Bath Natural Deodorant and Body Sprays (like, on our podcast and on Instagram), but it’s with good reason. This stuff is incredible. Totally free of baking soda, aluminum, oil and parabens, these sprays are all-natural, smell great, and use simple ingredients to help with body odor.

So go ahead and ditch your other deodorant, and upgrade with something all-natural. Plus! For every bottle purchased Inspire Bath donates one to help build and empower women and girls at shelters and interim homes at the YWCA in St. Joseph, Missouri, for their domestic shelter and home for women and families.

Upgrade Your Sneakers or Flats

Give your sneakers or flats a feel-good-in-every-step upgrade with a pair of Alice Bow’s Insoles for Flat Shoes. Made specifically for flat shoes (from ballerina flats to winter boots to casual sneakers), these are handmade in London using super soft Italian leather. Not overly bulky, these slip into your shoes and are shaped so that they can also be worn with open-toe shoes.

From the moment I slipped my feet into a pair of shoes with these insoles in, it was like instant foot luxury. It gave just the right amount of cushion — and the insoles stayed put. I found the sizing to be spot-on with my usual shoe size, too. I loved wearing my retro Brooks sneakers (which sadly they don’t sell anymore!) before, and now, with these insoles in, I love them even more! (My only caution with this upgrade is that sometimes, when you first put your feet in, the insole is a little slippery — gets better in a few minutes though.)

Upgrade Your Journal

You all know that we are not into obsessively tracking or counting or recording anything when it comes to health and fitness, which is exactly why we are loving the latest POPFLEX Fit Planner. While there is room for your meals, workouts, and water, there’s also room for your to-do list, a place for you to track your sleep and habits, and even open space to just doodle.

Plus! There are motivational quotes, spaces and questions for you to reflect on, monthly challenges (like one on happiness!), and even recipes. Not to mention that it’s pretty and sparkly … with stickers! Upgrade!

Upgrade Your Mindset

We’ve been doing some pretty — if we do say so ourselves — ground-breaking new stuff about healthy mindset here in the online world. And a lot of it isn’t here on the site, which is why we wanted to give you the deets here, too. If you’re looking to upgrade your mind, like whoa, and create a healthy life and body that you love, check out these resources:

  • Tell It Like It Is Tuesday: This is our new Facebook and Instagram TV video series to help you get healthy for real — without dieting or restriction. Because the truth will set you free! (And — spoiler — in these short weekly videos, we don’t sugar coat the truth or tell you something you’ve heard a million times before.) Join live on Tuesdays (time varies but we always give a heads up before going live) or watch the replays here on Facebook or here on Instagram.
  • Fit Bottomed Reset Email Course: This is our free five-day email course that will help you embrace the right mindset to get healthy, break through hidden blocks that have kept you from being your healthiest, and create lasting, lifelong healthy habits so that you never have to “diet” again.
  • Love Your Body. Love Your Life.: We just launched this online course and are SO excited to share it with the world. After more than a decade of helping women to overcome dieting and restriction and create healthy lives they love and truly enjoy, we’ve created a course that addresses each key area of non-diet lifestyle. With masterclasses, journaling assignments, meditations, worksheets, and more, this is a blueprint for discovering, creating and stepping into your own healthy living jam, step by step.

Ding! Yep, you’ve been upgraded. —Jenn

FTC disclosure: We often receive products from companies to review. All thoughts and opinions are always entirely our own. Unless otherwise stated, we have received no compensation for our review and the content is purely editorial. Affiliate links may be included. If you purchase something through one of those links we may receive a small commission. Thanks for your support!


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