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Ali Landry on Being a ‘Happy Mom’

Do you consider yourself a “happy mom?” And, what does it take to really be happy as a mother?

For celeb mom-of-three Ali Landry, it has a lot to do with balance — and pursing your personal passions alongside other supportive women. Which is exactly what she’ll be talking about at the Happy Mom Conference in Pasadena, Cali. on May 4, 2019.

We recently had the chance to pick Ali’s brain about her upcoming keynote at the conference and her site Re/Shape — along with all things motherhood. Here’s that interview!

How did you get involved in the Happy Mom Conference — and what really resonated with you about its mission?

Ali Landry: The founder of the Happy Mom Conference, El Abad, and I have mutual friends, and I’ve been aware of the conference since it started last year. I love that the Happy Mom Conference is a place where moms can find connection and community because I think those are some of the most fundamental keys to living a healthy and happy life as a mom. It really all starts with sharing your experiences with other moms, so we can support and learn from each other.

Do you consider yourself to be a “happy mom?”

AL: I do, yes — some days are more challenging than others, of course, but I think being a “happy mom” is something we do for ourselves, as much as our families. That’s why I love that the Happy Mom Conference encourages moms to make space in their lives to pursue their passions beyond motherhood — to start a new career, open a shop, grow their businesses to new heights, and live their happiest life. All of those aspects go into us being truly happy as moms as well.

Can you share a little about what you’ll be speaking about at the conference — and why it’s so important?

AL: One of the big things I’ll be talking about is finding balance, and what that really means, because it can change day to day. Part of that is taking time to check in with yourself — so you can slow down and really look at the bigger picture of your life and what’s happening with you that day as a wife, as a friend or as a professional, beyond being a mom. It’s also about recognizing that there are positive aspects of being out of balance sometimes too — what that can actually teach us and help us achieve.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a working mom, and what’s the best advice you can give to other working moms?

AL: The importance of sleep! Sleep is interconnected to everything about our bodies — physically, emotionally, and mentally. It affects our metabolism, mood, immunity, and so many other things. My husband and I each use a digital sleep tracker, and we’re always comparing to see who got the best night’s sleep! Understanding the quality of sleep I was getting at night really helped me realize how much it affects every area of your life, and we have to do everything we can to give our bodies time to re-set with sleep.

What does Re/Shape mean to you — and why did you create the site?

AL: After I became a mom for the first time, and especially after my third, I started talking with my friends about being tired all the time, having brain fog, sleepless nights, thinning hair, fine lines and wrinkles, digestion problems, and we were all having really similar experiences. I didn’t want to just accept that this was my life now. I decided to commit to cracking the code on how we can all live big, full lives by finding the very best resources to support our health as moms.

How has running Re/Shape changed your life?

AL: Starting Re/Shape has helped me learn that this is all a journey — it will always be a journey, but it’s a journey that we as moms can go on together, so that we have the support of other moms who are trying to figure it out, too. My goal with Re/Shape is to feature the best information and resources that I’ve learned by talking to top researchers and specialists and doctors — information that has changed my life and that can help other moms who’ve been facing the same challenges.

Women — and especially moms — are under a lot of pressure to do it all / have it all / and look a certain way. What are your thoughts on this?

AL: One of the greatest things we can do as moms is come together and share our experiences. It shows us that we’re not alone in this. I think the more we can have conversations about these expectations, the more we can change the narrative to one that’s more healthy and balanced. Happy Mom Conference and Re/Shape share this mission of wanting to give moms tangible and empowering tools to make a real difference in our day to day lives.

Anything else you’d like to add?

AL: There’s a quote by Maya Angelou that I love: “When you know better, you do better,” and I think that’s what Happy Mom Conference is really about; it’s about all of us learning from each other, so that we can improve our lives and be the happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled moms we can be.

Hey, that’s one of our favorite quotes, too! Do you consider yourself a “Happy Mom” — and do you have other moms in your life? I don’t know what I’d do without my mom friends! You can get tickets to the Happy Mom Conference here. Jenn

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