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This Gym Prides Itself on Being Size Inclusive

We chatted about size inclusivity in gyms and what fitness professionals can do to better support body neutrality and positivity in this recent podcast episode. That chat got so much buzz that we wanted to keep the convo going. Because if there’s one thing we’d like to do in this world, we’d like let everyone know that fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes.

So, when Blink Fitness told us about its body positivity and inclusivity movement at numerous locations across the U.S. and its 2019 campaign,”Every body is different, your gym should be too,” we were like, yep, listening.

Unfortunately, there are no Blink locations near Kristen or me yet, so we haven’t been able to physically go to a gym and check out the campaign and vibe first hand — but we’re definitely psyched that a chain with 90 locations is putting size inclusion at the top of its priority list. And, even though we couldn’t go ourselves, we did have a chance to chat with Michael Lupo, senior vice president of marketing at Blink, about the chain and its awesome campaign.

How did Blink create an environment that was size inclusive?

Blink Fitness has created an environment that focuses on how you ​feel​, ​not just how you look, with our Mood Above Muscle Philosophy which celebrates the positive feelings you get from exercise rather than just the physical benefits. Our members are our foundation, and with our “Members not Models” mantra, we make sure that everyone — all sizes, body types and different fitness levels — is able to see a representation of themselves as soon as they walk into our gyms and all throughout by only using real-life members in our marketing campaigns.

What are some signs that a fitness facility is not size inclusive?

A major sign that a fitness facility is not size inclusive is whether or not you feel comfortable being there. Everyone is in a state of vulnerability when they walk into a gym because everyone is there to improve a part of their life. If you walk into a fitness facility and feel intimidated at a place that is supposed to be a step towards your goals, there’s a huge chance that you are not in a very inclusive space.

What should a member do if they notice an environment isn’t size inclusive?

Our advice is to always seek a place that you can feel comfortable and welcome. Without that, it’s pretty impossible to achieve your fitness goals. You need a safe enough space to be able to ask for help if you need it. Most importantly you should feel like you belong there.

We have a lot of readers who are fitness professionals. How can they themselves be more size inclusive?

There isn’t one solid definition of healthy and therefore the journey getting there is different for everyone. It’s important that those differences be celebrated and most importantly respected!

Do you believe size inclusivity is becoming more common in the industry?

Size inclusivity is becoming more and more common in the industry, but there is still a long ways to go. Unfortunately a lot of the fitness industry landscape is still very much so one-size-fits-all in the way that they approach “healthy” — and therefore still quite antiquated.

How comfortable do you feel at your gym? Is it size inclusive — and catered to your individual needs? We’re also digging that Blink Fitness recently launched a personalized​ ​mobile companion​, which actually curates content for each of its members based on their intake form and browsing habits. After all, fitness isn’t one-size-fits-all! –Jenn

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