Do You Set Goals to Stay Motivated?

finish line
Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives

Many people have to set tangible goals to stay on the right track to an active lifestyle. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or run a big race like Jenn, having a goal and your eye on the prize can be a great way to see each step on the journey as one step closer to the finish line. Do you maintain motivation by setting a tangible goal? Let us know below and in the comments. And don’t forget to check in next Monday to find out how Jenn’s rescheduled race went. I predict “awesomely.” —Erin

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  1. GOOD LUCK!! And hope you have heaps of fun!

    I like setting really specific goals for short term if I find myself slipping… “going to do x number of weights and eat x foods for today” just on one day can help get me in gear so that I get myself back on track without needing to be super specific every day afterward.

  2. Good luck! I he been there.. have fun!

    I am fairly happy where I am now, fitness wise but I always set mental goals to keep eating healthy, trying to find ways to make food healthier (I am not a good cook!) & to keep finding ways to improve as I get older. IN the past couple years I have added plyometrics & high intensity intervals to my routine. I don't let my age stop me. If I see a younger person doing something hard, I want to try it within my physical limits, meaning I don't ant to injure myself & put myself out of exercising.

  3. Besides having everyday goals- exercise, eat healthy, get fresh air and sunlight, smile; i like to set long term goals-like my first marathon in october!!

  4. Yes, I do! I have slowed down from doing weight number goals because that gets too disappointing. But, i have clothes goals and race goals. That has definitely been helpful in the exercising department!