FitLinks: Week of May 25, 2009

Credit: David Paul Ohmer

Done with your workout? Now's the time to link it up! Don't blame the drive-thru. Why banning fast food isn't the answer. —The Root On the go constantly? Maybe a sweat session isn't necessary every day of the week. —Daily Dose Get your sprint on during National Running Day on June 3. Join …
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Is Walking Your Go-To Workout?

food craving

Earlier this week, I gave this fitness celebrity another chance after blasting her pretty hard on this DVD. And although I liked Ms. Sansone better the second time around, the Walk at Home DVDs will probably never be my faves (I promise to make Erin try the next new one as she may be less biased …
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Go Crazy: A Playlist

Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Stressed out? At your wit’s end? Just ready to get your summer started? Sounds to me like you need an official FBG “Go Crazy” playlist. This list of rockin’ workout tunes includes our favorite songs related to going a little zany in the head. Some are old classics, some are newer pop and some you’ve …
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Guess the FitStar!

See here for answers to all of your questions! Credit: laurakgibbs

Our birthday week is over, but the fun continues here in FBG land! Jenn and I are super excited to have a fun new FitCast that we're going to share with you guys next Wednesday. To build up the anticipation of our follow-up to the Dara Torres interview, we thought we'd play a guessing game to see …
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Bacteria, Yummy


Yogurt is a great thing. It's one of those treats that you can have for a sane amount of calories, it's sweet (many even come in dessert-inspired flavors), and because yogurt is full of calcium and protein, it's good for ya. These reasons are precisely why I eat yogurt darn near everyday. Usually, …
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Giveaway Reminder!


Just in case you were sleeping last week (and because of the holiday), we thought we'd remind you that you have just a couple more days to enter to win a prize in our FBG birthday extravaganza. We've got tons of awesome gifts for you guys, from gym bags to shoes to entire outfits. Go back and check …
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Fight Fatigue, Liquid Lowdown, and Creamy Conundrums

One of the sneaky issues with sugar addiction, is that sugar is added to so many of our foods, including the ones that are marketed as "healthy." Credit: Bert K

Exercise fights exhaustion, liquid sugar sabotages weight loss, and experts tackle sports creams. Wake Up! I know, I know. When you’re sleepy and struggling to stay awake, the last thing you want to do is go for a jog or do some push-ups. For me, taking a “quick snooze” turns into a too-long nap …
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Celebrate Memorial Day in the Pool

pool workout

Well, it's Memorial Day, and you know what that means—swimsuit season! Those two words are typically enough to evoke panic in the most body confident of girls, but have no fear. Your get-in-shape-in/by-the-pool tips are here! Courtesy of LA Boxing (a chain of boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial …
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