FitLinks: Week of May 25, 2009

Credit: David Paul Ohmer
Credit: David Paul Ohmer

Done with your workout? Now’s the time to link it up!

Don’t blame the drive-thru. Why banning fast food isn’t the answer. —The Root

On the go constantly? Maybe a sweat session isn’t necessary every day of the week. —Daily Dose

Get your sprint on during National Running Day on June 3. Join an event or just run on your own. —National Running Day

Super busy? Sneak in workouts throughout the day. —NeverSayDiet

A cranky take on the power of celebrity. —Cranky Fitness

A Year Ago on FBG


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  1. that article about not always needing to have an intense sweat fest…i got a lot of information off that link you recommended a while back it is awesome for realizing how much stuff you do during the day that burns cals.