Top 10 Fitness Trends

Credit: Cimm

Now that the year is winding down and 2010 is winding up, have you stopped to wonder what fitness trends will be hot in the New Year? We have! And the American Council on Exercise has answers! Hooray! Check out the link below for the fitness education site's top 10 fitness trend predictions. I have …
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(A Very) Pink Iron Gym


I know stereotypes are a bad, bad thing, but I can’t help myself. Los Angeles is synonymous with gym addicts who covet pumped-up muscles, lips and pectoral areas. When I see heavy make-up and perfectly coifed hair at the gym, my fit bottom twitches a bit, so you can imagine the spasms that vibrated …
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Comment and We Donate to Girls on the Run!


Back in November, we unveiled FBG's first give-back initiative. The plan was simple, we posted a FitStars with the Girls on the Run founder (and hella inspirational lady!), you commented and for each comment, we donated $1, up to $500 total. And then New Balance got in on the excitement, and offered …
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A Gym for You and Your Pup


Erin and I are self-declared dog lovers. Neither of us have kids yet, so, naturally, we treat our pets like our children. But what happens when you work an extra-long day, come home and it's dark and freezing, and you have to choose between hitting the gym or playing fetch with Fido? You hope to …
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The Food Guilt Phenomenon


If there is such a thing as a perfect eater, a model muncher, a flawless feaster….I’m not it. I’m well aware that I splurge a little too often. I cannot avoid a sweet treat after a meal, be it a piece of fruit or a piece of dark chocolate. And when I get a little too busy or stressed, I fall victim …
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What’s the Best Workout Song of 2009?

Credit: Subharnab

Yesterday Jenn let us know all the top 2009 songs for getting your workout groove on . I've been seriously inspired by Shakira and Kelly Clarkson this year, and if Lady Gaga's album was a tape, I would have worn it out (thank goodness for digital!). You can't go wrong in our complete list, but tell …
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♪FitHits: Best of 2009

Credit: shankar, shiv

Last year, Erin put together FBG's official best workout songs of the year playlist. And it had such a good response that we decided to do it again, albeit 2009 style. This year though, we didn't just rely on our own personal music stylings and the Billboard charts. Nope, this year, we got ya'll …
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FitLinks: Week of December 14

Credit: Keees

While you're out there enjoying the winter wonderland, take a few minutes for yourself today and check out these great reads. We promise they'll warm you up from the inside out! Whoa. Santa got a makeover. We likey. —That's Fit It's not about diet! It's about small simple changes. —Stroller …
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10 Products to Pamper a Fitness Fanatic

Credit: sanberdoo

Working out regularly sure does make you feel good. But after day after day of getting sweaty, occasionally sore and sometimes developing a callus or two on your hands from hitting the free weights, a girl (or guy!) could sure use some extra beauty time. The below articles shares 10 not-so-usual …
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