What’s Your Favorite Music Genre to Work Out To?



Credit: lululemon athletica

Good music makes every workout just a little bit better in our opinion. And, on more than one occasion, an “okay” sweat session has turned into an em-effing awesome one just from having the right tunes pumping. However, we realize that “good music” means drastically different things to different people. While some of you may be into the Coachella and indie scene, others adore the poppiest of pop and a number of you worship the good ol’ guilty pleasures. We fall into the “we love anything with a good beat” club. How about you?

Can’t see the poll? Click here to tell us about your favorite workout music.

Get to jamming! —Jenn


  1. nidaros says

    Bollywood, baby! Bollywood, especially Bhangra styles is my fav music for workouts …its seriously fun & peppy music for workouts…

  2. Jaclyn says

    My workout playlist is a combination of Vietnam war era protest songs, Lady GaGa, old school rap, and Glee cast recordings with good beats. What can I say? I like it eclectic.

  3. Crystal says

    Texas/Red Dirt music. Different than country. More of a “honky tonk” sound.

  4. Erica says

    Classic rock all the way! While it can definitely deliver a kick in the pants when rocking out at the gym, I find Led Zeppelin perfect for yoga (what can I say? You listen to whatevers calming, in my case it just happens to be Robert Plant)

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