What’s Your Favorite Decade of Music for Workouts?

Credit: janganita
Credit: janganita

In what was a looong overdue post, FBG Tish recently created an official 80s music playlist to help you power through your next workout with a lot of wicked beats, synthesizers and questionable fashion choices. As I love so many songs from the 80s, especially when running and lifting weights, it got me thinking: Does one decade reign supreme when it comes to workout music? So, obviously, we’re putting it to a poll! Because that’s a highly scientific way to determine an answer, of course.

Can’t see the poll? Click here to tell us what your favorite decade is for workout tunes

Can’t pick a favorite decade? Or are you surprised by your answer based on your usual music tastes? (I think the 90s might take a close second for me, even though my iPod is filled with the 60s and 70s!) Tell us about it in the comments! —Jenn


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