Your Holiday Weight Gain Survivial Guide: 17 Tips to Not Gain a Pound

avoidholidayweightgainThis is it, people. Get ready. We are entering five-alarm, high-alert, all-hands-on-deck weight-gain season. Buckle up, because just like every year, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

You are about to be bombarded with temptation after ooey-gooey temptation, designed to test your will, your resolve and the waistband of your favorite jeans. You won’t be safe anywhere: not at work, with friends, not even in your own home. Even your family cannot be trusted.

You can, however, come out of the holiday season and enter the New Year healthier and happier than ever. You, yes, you, can say no to food pushers and just-one-won’t-hurters with poise and grace. You, YOU!, can keep a consistent exercise routine even when the winter blues and holiday stress threaten to keep you sedentary. How, you ask? How do you develop this protective shield that junk food and laziness cannot penetrate? By arming yourself with an escape plan, an eject button or an effective stiff arm. On second thought, don’t do that. Grandma means well with her famous sweet potato pie; you don’t need to lay her out.

Pack a few of the following tips away in your healthy habit arsenal to use when the time is just right and protect yourself from enemies threatening to fill your bowl full of jelly!

17 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

1. Remember to breathe. It’s the holidays—it’s supposed to be a FUN time. Stress and anxiety are just as much hazards to your health as skipping a workout, so take some time to destress. Start a book, take a yoga class or soak in a bubble bath; do whatever soothes your soul.

2. Learn to say no. You don’t have to go to every single party. Prioritize to avoid overextending yourself and to cut down on those “special occasions” we use to excuse splurges. Which reminds me…

3. Remember that the holidays themselves, which are really only three to four days, are the special occasions where you can treat yourself. The entire holiday season, which lasts months, isn’t a free pass.


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  1. Good advice Kelly. This year I’m all about healthy holiday meal makeovers. For example, server celery root puree instead of mashed potatoes. Raw celery root has only 8 grams of carbs per cup versus 24 grams of carbs per cup for raw potatoes. That’s a DRASTIC savings! Plus, celery root has way more nutrition than potatoes and it tastes YUMMY.

    Happy, Healthy Holidays to All My FBG Sistahs:)!

  2. I like your suggestions. But there is one I do not agree with. Number 6 says to regift that fruitcake that you do not want yet number 5 says not to give things to others that you don’t want. I think the fruitcake could be tossed unless you know the person would really enjoy it.

  3. These are all great suggestions but I find number 2 requires maximum discipline.It aint easy to simply say no when caught up in the moment.How many would sincerely turn down a bowl of hot chips at a close friend’s party, for example? I’m sure very few.

  4. Such great advice! Holidays are always such a difficult and tempting time when you are trying to loose weight! Even though I am from the UK, I still have the same problems around Christmas time! This advice is really helpful and I will definitely try and use it on Christmas day!