My Personal Training Certification Update: CPR Training and A Lesson in Reading the Fine(ish) Print


So, as you all know, I’ve decided to get my personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise to add some book cred to my already phenomenal street cred (I kid! I kid! But not really because I am here, and we wrote a book!). I got my study materials books early this year and have …
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Spring Clean Your Core With This Workout

Grab a towel and get your core workout on!

'Tis the time for spring cleaning! But besides just scrubbing those windows and swapping out your winter wardrobe for your summery dresses, we think spring should also be a time for beautifying your workouts. So if you've been stuck in a winter-workout rut, try this core workout from Linda …
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3 Softball Exercises to Win Your Summer League (Or Just Look Good in the Uniform)

softball exercises

Baseball and softball season is in full swing. And whether you're playing in a competitive softball league, on the roster in a beer league or simply enjoy watching the MLB from your couch (um, that would be me—my catching skills aren't the best), we wanted to share the following baseball-inspired …
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3 Biggest Workout Mistakes and How to Fix Them


I may be slightly biased because I do these kinds of workouts regularly, but over the last year or so, it seems that the new workout trend is to go hard. Whether it's plyometrics, kettlebell training or high-intensity interval training, the point is to take your fitness to another level by pushing …
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