Will Shields Best Piece of Health Advice


Being that I live in Kansas City --- a town that's obsessed with its sports teams --- I'm a sports fan. And when you're a Kansas City sports fan, there are a few athletes from this area who are pretty much worshiped. George Brett ... Tom Watson ... Buck O'Neil. And Will Shields. We Kansas-Citians …
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12 New Events Added to the Winter Olympics (And They’re Awesome)


  Did you guys know that 12 new events were added to the Winter Olympics in Sochi this year? Twelve! We're talking three mixed events, four men's events and five women's events (woot!). From relays to team figure skating to snowboard slopestyle to ski halfpipe (which just looks like amazing …
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17 Reasons Why I Love the Winter Olympics


For the next week or so, you'll hear a lot about the Winter Olympics here on FBG. It's no secret that we're huge fans, and we're pretty much consumed by it, watching as much of it as we can while it's on. So why am I just so darn obsessed --- besides the obviousness of it being entertaining and …
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Raising an Olympian: P&G and Athletes Say Thank You, Mom!


The following is a post sponsored by P&G. For our sponsored post policy, click here. How many Olympians have you seen in an interview, just after they've done something amazing (and, um, they're Olympians so they're always doing something amazing!), immediately thank one particular person …
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Five Minutes With Winter Olympics Halfpipe Snowboarder Elena Hight


Let's go ahead and start the countdown to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, shall we? No other event gets us more pumped up and inspired to be our absolute best in and out of the gym than the Olympics. So, when we got the chance to chat with halfpipe snowboarder Elena Hight --- who is, um, a total …
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