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Yoga for Everybody

Yoga for EverybodyAs I mentioned earlier today, while the Yoga for Grandparents video was a great way to involve a partner in your yoga practice, it might not be the best workout for anyone with joint issues or limited mobility. But Melissa Thoemke, a fitness coordinator for the Panorama Aquatic and Fitness Center, a retirement community in Olympia, Washington, came to our rescue. Because she works with seniors, these poses are specifically geared toward those with limited mobility or knee problems.

Sitting Mountain
This pose is done best from a chair.

  • Sit tall in a chair with your feet flat on the floor and your shoulders relaxed under your ears.
  • Place your hands palms up on your lap.
  • Cross your wrists in front of your solar plexus.
  • Interlace your fingers and raise your arms as high as is comfortable and look at the back of your hand (make sure that you do not hyper-extend your neck).
  • Repeat once.

Joint-Opening Exercise
This pose can be done in a chair or on the floor.

  • Return to the first phase of Sitting Mountain.
  • Extend both of your arms out to your sides, palms facing the floor.
  • Inhale as you bring your right arm over your head, bending slightly at the waist. Exhale as you return to center.
  • Repeat with the right side.

Peaceful Warrior
This pose is done best from a chair.

  • Return to the first phase of Sitting Mountain
  • Turn to the right side of your chair and extend your left leg behind you, pressing the heel back.
  • Raise your arms above your head, arch as much as is comfortable and look up, taking care not to hyper-extend your neck.

Cat Cow Pose
This pose is done best from a chair.

  • Return to the first phase of Sitting Mountain
  • Exhale, pressing your spine to the back of the chair
  • Inhale, pulling your abdominal region forward, lifting the chest and chin up (remember to take care not to hyper-extend the neck)
  • Repeat as desired.

While these are great poses for seniors, the young’uns can try them, too. They’re great to do to break up a long day at the office, and no one will even know you’re doing yoga. —Erin

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