Are You an Emotional Eater?

Credit: Greencolander

Credit: Greencolander

Earlier this week, I had a heart-to-heart about my previous issues with emotional eating. And it was amazing to hear about all of your inspiring and honest comments. There’s no doubt that emotional eating is a common issue for us, whether you’re stick-skinny or extra curvy. Tell us though, how often do your emotions—positive or negative—cause you to open the fridge?

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Feel free to elaborate in the comments below! —Jenn

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  1. lorrwill says:

    First, thanks for addressing this topic. It is one of the things I had to learn about after I found this blog.

    Let's just say that I know I have a problem so I do what I can to deal with it. Making a direct connection between unhealthy people and what they eat is a real appetite killer for me (at least for what I see them eating).

    But I am not perfect; if something devastating were to happen and I was home alone, I would probably indulge in an unhealthy way (but at least it would be the healthy stuff I keep on hand and not junk food or alcohol.)

  2. Angie says:

    Great post… I think most people are emotional eaters to some degree and I would also say (IMO) that is the main weight problem in the world today.


  3. kat says:

    Great quiz idea!

    I have gotten better since I've had a nutritionist, who gave me some good pointers on it. She suggested allowing myself to have a bit, but to then put it away and then wait a whole hour. She then told me to make a cup of tea. Nothing before this would allow me to stop eating a whole tube of pringles in one sitting. I think everyone needs to have methods for stopping themselves from eating themselves stupid.