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Having the Opposite Effect…(with Giveaway!)

We’re all hit with cravings from time to time. From the need for chocolate at 3 p.m. to the mental obsession with cheesy pizza while watching football, cravings can be intense and can hit for a variety of reasons—emotional, physical or just because. While I usually deny no craving that’s too intense or long-lasting (doing so triggers not-so-healthy eating behavior in me), I do have some shorter-lived cravings that I wish would disappear with less effort on my part.

And that’s what today’s post is about. Two unique products that promise to help with cravings. I tried both and—despite my best attempts—got the opposite of the promised effects. Please note that I chalk this up to me being weird and not the actual products themselves. For most people, these probably work great!

ThinScents high resolution.2Thin Scents

ThinScents is designed around the idea that some smells curb the appetite. So, if you inhale that smell, your body thinks that you’ve actually eaten, and you’ll eventually curb cravings and suppress appetite with just a sniff or two. ThinScents mailed me a starter kit with a reed diffuser, 12-ounce scented candle, a room spray, and a travel tin to test this theory. All of the products smelled of a really pleasant herbal mint.

Smelling it seemed to make me more alert and focused. I really liked it. Did it curb cravings? Eh. I really, really love mint chocolate. So, honestly, this made me think of York Peppermint Patties. And by “think,” I mean “crave.” Cruel, right? Now ThinScents has plenty of research showing that its product works and there’s a science behind it, but for me, it just needs chocolate. For Erin though, it made her feel like she brushed her teeth, so it totally worked.

Best for: Those who can ignore all things mint chocolate.

Hyp-Yoga DVD


Hyp-Yoga is kinda hippity-dippity, and we all know I like hippity dippity. Hyp-Yoga combines yoga and hypnosis to help you make positive life changes, such as improving sleep, losing weight, reducing stress and increasing energy. You begin with a really nice yoga session to relax and make your body open to hypnosis (and, no, there’s no one slowly waving a clock telling you that you’re getting “very, very sleepy”). Then you go through what they call a “gentle hypnosis.” Hyp-Yoga sent me the Freedom from Emotional Eating mp3, and, honestly, it felt like a guided meditation to me, which I liked. It told me over and over again that eating out of emotion just wouldn’t be desirable to me anymore.

Like ThinScents though, this one had the opposite effect on me. Instead of helping me avoid emotional eating, the next day I swear I had the most emotional eating day I’ve had  in a long time. I actually uttered the words “I’d kill someone for a bagel” at work. I ate that bagel (no co-workers lost their lives, I’m happy to report), then inhaled a quarter of a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Again, this could just be me (and the marathon training speaking).

Best for: Those not training for a marathon or other endurance event that makes your hunger primal.

Because these two product reviews were heavily influenced by my idiosyncrasies, we’re giving you the chance to try them for yourselves! ThinScents is giving one lucky reader a starter pack (shown above), and I’m giving away my copy of Hyp-Yoga 6-week weight loss DVD. All you have to do is comment below with which one you’d like to win and why. We’ll randomly select one winner for each giveaway and email them directly if choosen. Comments close next week, so start expressing yourselves. U.S. residents only please! —Jenn

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