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Ahoy, Soy!

Credit: House Of Sims

Potential good news has arrived for soy-loving breast cancer survivors. While doctors have often warned breast cancer patients to avoid soy products, they’re now saying that the legume may have some major benefits for cancer sufferers. A new study showed that women with breast cancer who ate more soy were less likely to die or have a recurrence of the disease than those who ate little to no soy. While the study looks promising, the verdict is still out for the time being as more studies are needed to confirm the findings. However, it looks like soy milk here and a tofu curry there isn’t going to do any damage to cancer sufferers. Moderation, as always, seems to be the key word for now. And of course, anyone who is perfectly healthy should incorporate soy for a great source of protein and fiber to help stay that way!

Soy joy.


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  1. I try to stay away from soy. I limit tofu to a treat and Clif bars to pre-exercise. I have endometriosis and try to stay away from anything that will increase/mimic estrogen since estrogen is the cause of the endometriosis.

  2. Melissa says:

    If you’re going to do soy, PLEASE make sure it’s organic, not genetically modified, and enjoyed in moderation.

  3. Ever since I’ve read that soy is not entirely healthy, I’ve always made sure to avoid it. I will have to try moderation this time.

  4. DianeMarie says:

    A decade ago, my docs said soy products were the way to go and I tried all things tofu. Now my docs say stay away from the soy. My palate and I are grateful!

  5. Love Soy says:

    I love soy and am now more confused than ever. First they say it’s the best thing for you, then they say stay away, especially if you’ve had breast cancer. Who is right??? I think I will limit my intake just to be on the safe side, but will still enjoy my soy milk with breakfast.

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