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5 Drinks that Solve 5 Common Complaints

When you work out as much as we do, you sure do get thirsty. Here’s five (we really outdid ourselves today!) new drinks that promise to help you with five common healthy living probs! We don’t like problems; we like solutions!

CLICK Espresso Protein Drink

Perfect for: Those who wish their morning protein shake came with a dose of caffeine.

I love my protein shake in the morning, but most days it seems ridiculous to double-fist a travel-friendly mug of smoothie and a no-spill tumbler of coffee just for my four-mile morning commute. In the past, I’ve been solving this ridiculousness by throwing instant coffee granules into my smoothie, but depending on what else is in my shake, the result is “eh-” tasting at best. And then CLICK came along. You could say that we, ahem, clicked! CLICK is a multivitamin, protein powder and espresso all in one. And, it tastes like mocha. Yum. Mix it with a little water, and you can have it hot or cold to fit any kind of coffee need you have any time of year!


Perfect for: Others who have issues with taking pill-form supplements.

I’m not always the best about taking my daily multivitamin pill, and, to be honest, many times the big horse pills upset my stomach unless I’ve had a “big” meal, and I rarely eat a big meal. That’s why I was drawn to the ALL ONE powders. Plus, unlike pills that can contain fillers and binding agents that the body has to break down before the nutrients can be absorbed, powder is better absorbed by the body. Lots of ALL ONE formulas are available for most specific nutritional needs (I tried the Original Formula and the Fruit Antioxidant), and all you do is mix the powder with your fave juice, milk or other beverage. Warning: I found that it was hard to dissolve all of the powder in just a liquid unless you have at least 12 ounces, but it worked well in my smoothie (when I was double-fisting it, see above).


Perfect for: Those who need their electrolytes without overt sweetness.

Electrolytes are so important to those of us who run longer distances or participate in endurance events. You lose electrolytes (potassium, calcium, sodium) when you sweat, and drinking water by itself may rehydrate us, but it doesn’t replenish our electrolytes, which help support all kinds of functions in the body, including the brain (kinda important). Problem is, most electrolyte replacement drinks have sugar and calories in them, which you may not want, especially if you’re looking to lose weight. But have no fear, owater is here! These zero or low-calorie drinks have all-natural ingredients. We particularly liked the subtle flavor of the unsweetened ones that have just a hint of fruit flavor. The plain water one I didn’t mind, but Erin thought it tasted  “electrolyte-y” and reminded her of a flavorless Gatorade. Not a deal breaker, for sure!

Verve! Energy Drink

Perfect for: Those who are addicted to Red Bull, but don’t want to be. (That should be anyone addicted to Red Bull in our minds.)

We’re not fans of energy drinks, but this one got our attention. This so-called “insanely healthy” Verve! Energy Drink comes in both a low-sugar and sugar-free version and includes phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, thereby promising you pep for your step in a healthy, less jittery way. I tried a couple cans of the sugar-free variety and enjoyed its carbonated bubbly-ness. The flavor is orangey, and although it’s made using natural ingredients, it still tasted a bit fake-sugary to me. (Compared to other sugar-free energy drinks though, it was gourmet.) Did I notice a big energy lift? Eh, not really. But I only tried it twice, and both times it was on days that I worked out, which naturally gives me an energy lift. Bottom line though, if you can’t give up energy drinks, at least consider switching to a healthier-for-you kind like Verve!


Perfect for: Those who push their muscles to fatigue regularly and L-O-V-E the idea of drinking cherry pie.

I’d never tried a straight tart cherry juice until CherryPharm’s juice landed on my doorstep. I tried three versions of the cherry juice and all blew me away. It’s one of those juices that make you feel like you’re really drinking that fruit. And the tartness made me feel like I was drinking a healthy cherry pie. And I love cherry pie.

The Natural Health version comes in an 8-ounce serving, clocking in at 130 calories. The Natural Light version clocked in at 90 calories with fewer grams of sugar and tasted just as awesome. The Natural Recovery has 160 calories, but packs an 8-gram protein punch. Did I feel the immediate benefits of an antioxidant-packed drink? I can’t say that my muscles recovered any more quickly or that I slept better than usual, but I can say that I loooved the taste of the juice. And if it’s good for me, too? That’s the cherry on top!

Want to try CLICK yourself? Email your mailing address to info@drinkclick.com with “FBG” in the subject line, and they’ll send samples of their protein powder to the first 200 readers! That’s a lot of mocha-y goodness, so get to emailing! —Jenn & Erin

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  1. Laura says:

    Mmm, I am psyched to try Click – that sounds great!

    Also, for anyone else who hates pills but still wants their vitamins, I’m a big fan of the Vitafusion brand of gummy vitamins. They don’t have dyes or other junk, and they’re delicious! Definitely makes me enjoy taking my vitamins 🙂

  2. BK says:

    Hmm I may look into that Owater. One of my students sells the Verve and I don’t really do energy drinks so I’ll pass.. thanks for the review.

  3. Kat says:

    I wana try that cherry drink, sounds delicious! Where do u get it?

  4. Kat says:

    oh, I got the free click sample in the mail which I really appreciated. Unfortunately, they also give out your email so I’ve been slammed with junk mail since:( Fair warning!

  5. sparky38351 says:

    I got my click in the mail and while it tastes good, I just can’t seem to get the lumps out! If I decide to try it again I will probably use the blender 🙂

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