Olympic Moves

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We may not all be as bad on the slopes as say, Shaun White or Bode Miller, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t prep for winter sports in the gym! And luckily, while these moves are great for skiing, snowboarding and ice skating, they  can be done any time of the year to strengthen the core, quads and glutes. Plus, these exercises work for guys and gals! (Thanks to Equinox for sharing these moves!)

Downhill Skiing

Isometric BOSU Squat with Resistance Band Shoulder Extension: Get prepared for the slopes with this exercise that mimics the position of a downhill skier in action. For this exercise you will need a BOSU and a resistance band wrapped around a stationary object in front of you.

  • Perform isometric squats while standing on the flat side of the BOSU. This activates the quadriceps and glutes while offering instability to test your core.
  • Pull back on the resistance band with both arms while performing the squat to strengthen the rear deltoids and latissimus dorsi muscles, which are important when using ski poles.


Squat with Cable Shoulder Press + Rotation: This exercise is designed to imitate the positioning and rotation required to make turns while snowboarding. Talk about a core workout!

  • Do a squat between a cable crossover machine, holding one cable in each hand to activate the quadriceps and the glutes.
  • As you come out of your squat, perform a single-arm shoulder press while rotating at the waist to activate the core muscles.

Ice Skating

TRX Single Leg Squat to Walking Hip Hinge: Get in prime figure skating form with the TRX. This multidimensionalexercise works the muscles involved in many of the combinations used during ice skating competitions.

  • With one leg on the ground and the other behind you in the TRX strap, lower yourself into a one-legged lunge while making sure to keep your hips back and your knee directly over your shoe laces.
  • Push through your heel to activate your quadriceps and glutes, working to bring your hip up and directly over your knee as you come out of the lunge.
  • Once your hip is above your knee, bend forward at the waist to perform a dead lift while keeping tension on the TRX, simultaneously extending your arms out horizontally.

Now that you’ve worked these muscles out, put them to the test on the ice and snow! Embrace your inner Olympian! —Erin

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