Tip-Top Super Foods

Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Life Fitness may be an exercise equipment manufacturer, but they also dole out great nutrition and fitness information that lands in our in-box. And because we can all use a reminder, we thought we’d share this list of awesome foods that we should all be packing in our fridges!

Top 10 Super Foods for 2010 (although we think they’re awesome any year!)

1. Almonds. Grab a handful a day to get your dose of vitamin E, an essential tool for the growth of muscle cells. Makes a great snack!

2. Blueberries. A one-ounce serving of blueberries packs more of a punch than most other fruits and vegetables. They’re also low in calories and fat free. A colorful and yummy addition to smoothies!

3. Eggs. New research is showing that eggs are more helpful than harmful for us and deliver one of the best overall sources of protein. Scramble ’em up!

4. Kale. One cup of kale has just 30 calories but packs heavy doses of vitamins A and C, iron, calcium and much more. Add it to your favorite salad or soup for a vita-boost.

5. Low-fat milk. A glass or two of skim milk each day is the best way to replenish the most abundant mineral in our bodies, calcium. Each cup packs a solid 500 mg of calcium with only 80 calories. Get your mustache on!

6. Lentils. A half-cup serving of this legume delivers loads of fiber with just 115 calories and a sliver of fat. Find it in soups, rice dishes and international fare.

Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

7. Natural peanut butter. High in heart-healthy fats, a serving of PB (about the size of a ping pong ball) also delivers folate, vitamin E and fiber. Awesome on toast! Just be sure to buy natural so that you avoid those unhealthy trans fats.

8. Quinoa. A cup of light, nutty quinoa packs a punch of protein, iron and other vitamins. Try it as a hot cereal, add it to soups and salads or make your own quinoa pilaf. (If I can brave it, you can, too! Oh, but beware of rancid pine nuts!)

9. Salmon. This lean protein is filled with omega-3 fatty acids. Just keep your intake to one or two servings that are the size of a deck of cards each week as seafood can also deliver some unhealthy toxins like mercury.

10. Water. While not technically a food, it’s such an important part of your diet that it’s worth breaking the rules. Staying hydrated keeps your body functioning, your skin glowing and your tummy full. Drink up!

What foods would you add to your personal super food list? —Erin

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  1. Hmm I have every single one of those in my cupboard!! Kudos to me! 🙂 Oh and they are on my menu regularly too.

  2. Those are great, although I’ll skip the milk, eggs, and fish.

    Two things to note: I do love quinoa, but while it has more protein than other grains, it isn’t actually that high. Second, almonds should be soaked in water before eating. I don’t have a handy reference for why.

    My main new “superfood” adventure is making sprouts- broccoli, radish, and good old alfalfa. Protein, vitamins, and whatever good comes from eating raw, living vegetables. I’m a chia fan too.
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  3. 3 and 9 are my favorites. Thanks for the list 🙂

  4. Rebecca Ritley says:

    Will someone tell me how you rinse Quinoa. Please! I know that it’s absolutely necessary to rinse them b/c there’s something bitter on them, but they are way too small for a strainer. So, how do you rinse them???

    Please let me know…mine have been sitting on the shelf for awhile now.

  5. katrina m says:

    haha i’ve been wondering about rinsing quinoa for awhile too…. i have some in my cupboard, and the one time i cooked it i tried to rinse it, failed, and cooked it anyway!! apparently some of the quinoa is already rinsed, so it depends on which kind you get.

    i also agree with the chia seeds, woo hoo!! 🙂

  6. Rebecca Ritley says:

    Just googled. Suggestion was to line a sieve with a paper towel or use cheesecloth. Sounds good to me.

  7. Rinse using a wire mesh strainer, also good for amaranth, another tasty and nutritious food. The other methods sound a bit messy.
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