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Tunes for Dudes

workout-playlist-585The assignment was simple. All I had to do was come up with a list of songs for Fit Bottomed Dude’s week —a friendly he- man mix,if you will. What Jenn and Erin failed to realize is that I’m the weirdest person when it comes to hearing men’s voices when I work out.

Let me explain. I have a playlist entitled, “Estrogen” on my iPod  because I get wiggy sometimes and just NEED to hear women’s voices. I, by no means, loathe the opposite gender. (Indeed I love me some brute-y cuties.) I just don’t always want to hear baritones, ya dig? Because of my quirk, I had to ask the world at large to help me out with this one. Lucky for me (and you), the world isn’t as weird as moi. Suggestions came pouring in. I am not afraid to admit that even I love this 55-minute manly mix.

Tunes for Dudes Playlist

  1. (4:27) Times Like These, Foo Fighters: I heard through the grapevine Lance Armstrong pedals to this metal. (Well, the Fighters aren’t really metal rock, but it sounded cool.) Anything that gets a force like Lance’s heart moving is a sure thing in my book.
  2. (3:31) I want to Ride my Bicycle, Queen: You know we fit bottomed gals are partial to Queen. I have no clue why I’m on a bike kick, but stick with me, kids. The bell sounds in the middle are a great spot for a little rest break. Then we pick it right up again full force. When Queen starts to rock again, let it be a sign from the rock gods to move to the second position and pedal like you really do want to ride your bicycle.
  3. (5:04) B.O.B., Outkast: I’ve learned in ChiRunning that it’s best on the body to run at a faster pace and like a Kenyan. How fast is fast, you ask? This Outkast beat is sublime, according to my ChiRunning instructor. Keep up with the song for as long as you can. I guarantee your heart rate will feel like it wants to explode by the end of mile 1. Just remember it’s all about keeping your core tight and bending slightly with your head forward. Believe me, you’ll run fast.
  4. (3:37)  Bonita Applebum, Tribe Called Quest: After an Outkast invasion, it’s only fair to slow down the pace with a classic. I’ll admit, I’m a sap for songs praising the tokhes.
  5. (5:31) Fistful of Steel: Rage Against the Machine:  We’ve all seen Fight Club. We know men love to release the beast and let go of the testosterone build-up  that is ever so prevalent. (Isn’t that the force behind all the grunting in the gym?) For that reason alone, I give you a song to mirror your inner rage. Let it out bro, just let it out.
  6. (2:55) Woman, Wolfmother: Hearing new hotness when you work out is a must. You tend to work harder when you hear a new song with a great beat. Wolfmother will not let you down.
  7. (4:14) Control Freak, Saul Williams: I think I’ve found the perfect jump-roping song. Improve your endurance and your vertical jump while jamming to this poet-turned-rocker. Girls will admire your depth—and the great heights you can reach on and off the basketball court.
  8. (4:47) Mama Said Knock You Out, LL Cool J: No playlist is complete without the man who wrote the flipping book on fitness. Seriously, he wrote a book.  Be like Cool James, throw this into your rotation and get in a boxing ring. We all know what boxing can do for the body. Now you have the tunes to motivate you to grab those gloves.
  9. (3:41) A Milli, Little Wayne: “Little man, big beats.” Turn this one up and direct your attention to some dips, pull-ups and push-ups. You’ll feel like a milli once the three start to change your upper body.
  10. (5:11) Stronger, Kanye: This song has found its way into the playlist of every broham I know, so for that reason I have to give the dude his props. I’m an advocate for pushing our laziness and mental fatigue to the side and pushing the body. What doesn’t kill your muscles will only make them stronger.
  11. (4:04) Joe, Spencer Day: Chill songs are always welcome in a workout playlist, in my opinion. This jazzy song’s perfect for the guys with a soft spot for slower-paced reps.
  12. (5:31) Enter Sandman, Metallica: Keep up with this song, and you’ll be wanting the sandman later.
  13. (3:53) Eye of the Tiger, Rocky Soundtrack: Don’t say I didn’t do my research. Every guy in the frickin’ world wanted to be Rocky at some point in his life. Every class I find myself taking that involves a male instructor results in me hearing this song. Power on, tiger!
  14. (3:27) Love Song, 311: Yeah, yeah I know guys.  A love song found its way into the list, but it’s 311, man. I mean, come on. Trust me when I say it’s the ultimate cool down.

Shout outs to Nicole, Dorian, Mark, the Dooce Community at large and Bree for helping a gal out. —Tish

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