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We Love Our Fit Bottomed Dudes!

Credit: *sean

Here in FBG land, we sure do talk a lot about girl things. From running like a girl to empowering women and girls to pink gyms, Fit Bottomed Girls is a website for, well, the ladies. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t love our FBDs (Fit Bottomed Dudes)! After all, making sure the FBDs in your life are fit and healthy is a good way to ensure that you are, too!

So today and this entire week, we’ll be celebrating men. From highlighting news and research that affects them to manly tunes to products that can kick their asses (some may surprise them), we’re inviting you women to grab your men (growl) and show them that FitBottomedGirls isn’t just about the ladies this week. Plus, March is Gender Equality Month, and we don’t want to seem biased.

To start us off this week, we’re going to do a twist on a game we featured back in football season. We’re going to turn watching college basketball games into a workout! After all, March Madness starts tomorrow, and watching those games may start to cut into your workout time—not to mention the wings, nachos and beer temptations. How you play is simple, and all you need is yourself and your TV with your fave game on! Oh, and a towel. With how high scoring basketball is, it’s sure to be a sweat-fest.


For the first 5 minutes of the first half (and if you’re an over achiever or have a high level of fitness feel free to repeat for the second half), you want to warm the body up to prevent injury. March in place for the first minute, then jog in place for the second minute of the game. Do shoulder rolls forward for the third minute and shoulder rolls back for the fourth. The fifth minute jump rope. And if the first 5 minutes is taking forever with fouls and time outs, feel free to mix it up with a boxer shuffle, stretches or just dive straight into the real workout below.

The B-Ball Workout

For the next 15 minutes of this half, you’ll do different exercises based on what happens in the game. This ensures that you never have the same workout twice and don’t get bored!

  • Your team scores two points: two squats
  • The opposing team scores two points: two jumping jacks
  • Either team hits a three-pointer: three push-ups
  • Either team hits a free throw: jump rope the entire time their setting up and shooting
  • Jump ball: squat-jump
  • Either team or coach gets a technical foul: three burpees

And at half-time, instead of raiding the fridge, squeeze in as many sets of this circuit as you can before the game starts up again: 20 alternating lunges on each side, plank for 45 seconds, 20 tricep dips off a chair and 30 crunches.

Cool Down

After half time, be sure to take a full 5 minutes to stretch out the major muscles! Unless you’re repeating the workout again, in which case, you da man!*

Stay tuned all this week for more Fit Bottomed Dude content! (And ladies, we promise you’ll enjoy the content, too!) —Jenn

*This workout is designed for men, but women can rock it, too! If the push-ups are too much for you, do modified push-ups on your knees.

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