Don’t Sweat It!

sweat-free-585There’s little I love more than a good run or high-energy kickboxing class where you leave completely covered and dripping with sweat. There’s something about being drenched that signals—to me—that I’ve had a really good workout, really given it my all. But I’m not normal. I know that for most people, especially those who don’t like exercise, sweating has a big ick factor to it.

Sweat can get in your eyes, it can make you smelly, and it can really mess up your hair. And let’s face it: Some people hate sweating so much that they don’t like to work out. But don’t throw out your workout with the sweat puddles. Even though heart-pumping and sweat-inducing high-intensity exercise is often touted for its health and weight-loss benefits, low-intensity workouts have their perks, too. In fact, a three-month study from the University of Queensland in Australia found that subjects who did Tai Chi (a graceful mix of gentle exercise, stretching and meditation) regularly for 90 days—without any high-intensity activity—had decreases in blood pressure, blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Not to mention that they also reported lower levels of depression, slept better, had more energy, and dealt with stress more easily.

Read on for 8 workouts you’ll love if you hate to sweat!


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  1. Not only do I love to sweat because I feel like it signals that I am working hard enough (as you say), but I also love to sweat because I like to imagine it’s giving me an internal toxins cleanse. As it is, really, since we know we get rid of all sorts of junk through sweat and tears. Literally.

    But I also wonder…really…I know they are seeing “results” with the not-sweating but what are they comparatively? Even doing pilates, for instance, I sweat because I am engaging muscle DEEPLY. You don’t have to be all cardio to be sweating.

    The main issue here, I guess, is the assumption that low intensity equals less sweat. Not necessarily true and NOT necessarily what they were measuring in those studies.

  2. Katherine says:

    the more in shape you become, the more you sweat because your body is more efficient at getting rid of heat (but the more exercise it takes to raise your heart rate so there is a bit of a trade-off)

    sweating definitely adds an ick-factor!