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Reader Success Story: Erin D.

We get so many inspiring emails from readers, and this week we’re finally sharing them with you! Read on for Erin D.’s inspiring success story. And feel free to share yours!

erin-585Erin’s Story

I just wanted to send you all a big ol’ thank you for all that you do. I started following you guys on Twitter and reading your blog in the beginning of January, around the same time I joined our local rec center. And you guys have definitely helped me stay motivated!

I was a chunker my whole life up until high school—never overweight, but never healthy, either. During high school I lost a lot of weight, but since then (9 years ago!) it has slowwllllly crept back on. Working out was always a chore. I would go for a month doing three to four workouts a week, but then fall off. I didn’t know how to make it a part of my life. And I always went back to the chips and late night visits to Buffalo Wild Wings. I started running outside last fall, but once it got cold out, I stopped. And the few pounds I did lose during that stint quickly came back on, as I hadn’t changed my eating. Again—I wasn’t overweight, but I was unhealthy, and definitely hovering around the overweight mark the whole time.

But this time…this time I got it. And I seriously owe a big part of it to you guys. Your tweets, your posts, your interviews, your stories. Everything! You even got me hooked on The Biggest Loser (and Bob! ). They’re all a constant reminder that being healthy should be a large part of your life. I never understood that before. Not just something off to the side, not something you visit now and again, like I was doing so many times before. But that it’s SO important to take care of yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle. Your marathon story really got me going, too. That was awesome.

This time, I’m more aware of what I’m putting into my body. I’m starting to cook with veggies I’d never consider before—I love love love artichokes!—and try new things, like quinoa. I used to take it easy at the gym, in fear of injuring myself or being so sore I wouldn’t be able to keep with it. What an excuse! Now, I absolutely love coming off of the treadmill, red-faced and sweaty—and I’m in love with running! Someone actually said to me the other day, “Oh, you’re a runner?”—and I absolutely loved the sound of it!

I know that I’ll still have my temptations, and I’ll still have my off days. I know that it’s still going to take hard work to keep this as a part of my lifestyle. But, I’ve already begun, and I don’t want to look back. And this time, my husband is also there with me. He’s all for trying to eat healthier, and he’s lifting and running with me at the gym every day! I’ve lost about 10-12 pounds so far (he’s lost 20!), but you know? It’s not that number that keeps me going. It’s the fact that my goal is to run 4 miles on Saturday—my farthest ever—and that I think I’m completely capable of doing it! Slowly, but it’ll get done. I’m scared but so excited!

So, after my novel of an email—THANK YOU! I’m sure you get stories like this all day long, but I wanted to send my thanks along as well. You guys are awesome. Being healthy is the greatest thing you can do for yourself, and you’re out there motivating so many people to do just that. Amazing. Cannot thank you enough. —Erin D.

When I wrote to Erin to let her know we’d be using her story this week, she had an awesome update: She’s bumped her long runs up to 5 to 6 miles, is slowly increasing her speed and has decided to train for a half-marathon! Nice job, Erin! Let us know how it goes! —Erin

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